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What is an Engineer?

Engineers are professionals who are experts in applying logarithms to the real world. They are capable of substituting numbers to anything and apply values to varying components; these values then undergo a process that allows an engineer to create something from scratch or enhance and develop an already existing thing into something more useful.

Why hire an Engineer?

Hiring an engineer will give your company more room for progress. With the help of an engineer your building, electric system, pipelines, product production speed, and processing flow, computer systems, conditions of pieces of machinery, etc will be enhanced. Your hired engineers will be able to find a way to extend the effectivity of the tools that you have at your disposal.

How much it cost to hire an engineer?

There are different types of engineers and they all have varying prices with respect to their demands in the market. Aside from demand, their price is also determined by the level of expertise engineers have and the cost of hiring one usually ranges from 15,000-140,000.

Reasons to hire an engineer in PH

  • Cheaper price, compared to overseas competitors, for the same quality of engineers
  • Filipino engineers are trained to apply work ethics
  • Hassle-free hiring and does not require much when preparing for the contract signing
  • Knowledgeable in their respective fields and are adherent to existing laws

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