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Your business needs to hire recruiters when you plan to accommodate more applicants to fill up essential positions. Doing it on your own can take much of your time and can be stressful. To spare you from the hassle of the recruitment process, you have to hire recruiter to do the job for you. Now, you can devote your time to expand your business or increase your sales.

What is a Recruiter?

A recruiter is a trained individual who is tasked to enlist or enroll people as part-time or full-time employees, whether as members of an organization, for manpower services, household services and other businesses that need to employ additional staff.

Why Hire a Recruiter?

You need to hire a recruiter, especially if the position to be filled in is vital in the organization. A recruiter is highly trained to have an eye for a potential candidate. The recruiter is capable of attracting qualified applicants; thus, the hiring process can be done in less time, which can save the company a significant amount of time and money. A recruiter is an expert on evaluating potential candidate

How much it cost?

A recruiter may charge between 15% - 25% of the candidate's total annual salary for the first year. While some may charge an average yearly pay of P145,000 – P700, 000. This means that the cost of hiring a recruiter depends on several factors and also based on your agreement.

Reasons to hire

There is a necessity to hire recruiters if needs to save time and money, and the position has to be filled up immediately. Magellan Solutions provide recruitment services that guarantee an efficient selection process of qualified candidates to fill up your vacant position. Our pricing is competitive and designed to suit your needs. To get a quote, you may send us a message and we will get back to you soon.


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