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Make sure the consumers of your services receive all the things they need while securing your utility company’s profit and sustainability. Outsource Utility BPOs now. Send us an inquiry and our development team will get back to you.

What is a utility BPO?

Utility BPO is a business process outsourcing service offered to utility companies to help them endure the difficult processes of handling all amenity-related calls, documents and services.

What services fall under the utility BPO?

Utility BPO offers a lot of utility services such as

  • Account management as well as bill reminder and billing collection services
  • Gather and analyze data regarding operational metrics
  • Customer retention and customer care
  • 24/7 answering services

Who needs utility BPO services?

All utility companies need to avail of this service! If you want your company to be capable of effectively handling all your clients for a reasonable price, then this is what you need.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of utility outsourcing?


  • Cost-effective method of increasing manpower
  • Have access to expert agents who are skilled in handling people of different backgrounds
  • No longer need to construct additional spaces in your establishment for supposedly new hired employees
  • Stress-free management with fast report and billing turn over


You need extensive research on the company to whom you’re going to entrust some of your company’s tasks. A thorough background check should be done to ensure that the qualities of services they provide are of high caliber.

Outsource Utility BPO Services to Magellan Solutions

Utility companies, with the amount of work they need to handle, will eventually need external help to be able to cope-up with the demands and deadlines. Making sure that the company that you are going to outsource is credible and competent, nevertheless, it will be counter-productive.

Magellan Solutions is a reliable BPO company that has been in this line of service for 15 years now. We offer nothing short of the best quality services to our clients, and we see to it that none are left unsatisfied with our services.


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