Wharton marketing professor Barbara Kahn said that companies in recent years have been making fundamental shifts in their branding strategies. She emphasized that they are now branding themselves based on psychological associations – or simply perceptions of positive experiences and emotions which customers associate with the brand rather than basing it on price or taste. This further explains the very reason for companies to constantly delight customers through customer service. Even with the latest multi-channel communication platforms surging in the marketplace, the real measure will always be in the way of human interaction or connection. Customer loyalty has always been an elusive thing because if we fail to deliver what customers want, chances are they bring their business elsewhere. Sure, an awesome service is great, thanks to well-trained call center agents as 24/7 support, but what makes customers loyal? Your business has the best deal. With tens of thousands of companies all striving to win the hearts of consumers through various touch points such as a customer call center, a price or a combination of service and price that no else can match makes any small business walk away with more victories. You have a trade secret. Is there something in your company that makes you little bit more special than others? What makes you unique from other organizations? If you think you have a leg up on the competition, it is time to bring it out for the world to experience. This is where you can make your success story. Differentiating yourself from the rest will make your customers remember you, and even new ones will come and take advantage of it. Adding a little “oomph” makes a big difference.