The Philippines remains the global leader in contact center services, thanks to its steady supply of English-speaking Filipino professionals with strong work ethic and unwavering government support.

According to the Call Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), the country is considered Number 1 in providing call center or “voice-based support” services. CCAP said the industry now commands over 350,000 professionals working in call centers, versus India, which presently has 330,000-strong workforce.

The annual contact center industry revenues are estimated to reach $5.7 billion for its 24/7 support to small and large businesses in the United States, Australia and Europe, compared to India’s $5.5 billion earnings. There are already 68 call centers that are active members of CCAP.

India, on the other hand, remains on top of the business process outsourcing space, earning a total of $70 billion in revenues, compared to the Philippines with only $9 billion. The BPO is wider in scope as it goes beyond voice-based call centers. This can be as varied as business back-office operations, which include finance, logistics and accounting; software development; gaming and animation; engineering design; and medical and legal transcription.

The Philippine outsourcing sector now has a total of 530,000 employees and contributes 6% of the country’s gross domestic product.

Data sources: Trading Markets, Bloomberg Business Week