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Answering Service: 247, Overflow and Holiday Cover

As your client base grows, the number of call and inquiries you receive on a daily basis will also increase. Telephone answering becomes a more demanding function that requires the involvement of trained agents, as well as the use of advanced communication technologies. Magellan Solutions, a live answering and appointment reminders company, can give you a hand.

We can make sure that there’s someone on the other end of the line whenever customers call. Our answering call center operates 24/7 throughout the year, including holidays. This means that we can give your customers the care they deserve around the clock. This also means that you can attend to core business tasks without having to worry about telephone answering.

Outsourcing All-Day, After-Hours, Off-Season, Holiday Telephone Answering

Outsourcing telephone answering is a viable business solution that yields numerous benefits, including:

• Critical coverage of business gaps
• Flexibility
• Reduced costs
• Improved service
• Seamless operations
• Increased productivity

Magellan Solutions handles both dedicated and shared projects at custom rates. Our competitive pricing helps you cut back on costs and optimize resources. We also make sure that you get value for your money by delivering results.

We take charge of screening, training and managing your offshore staff. We give you access to the country’s talent pool of agents, many of whom have considerable experience in telephone answering.

Moreover, we uphold high standards for service, making sure that we meet your business requirements. Our expertise and industry insight gives us the capacity to deal with every imaginable scenario when it comes to telephone answering.

Cover Your Weakest Times

We can respond to calls quickly, keeping hold time to a minimum. We see to it that your customers get sufficient service . Our agents can cope with high call volume, seasonal peaks and valleys, as well as call overflows. They make it a point to give accurate and adequate information in response to queries. They deal with customers in a professional manner at all times.

With us on your side, you can expect to reap the benefits of continuous telephone answering services. We adjust to your schedule, handling calls on your behalf during and after fixed business hours. We make sure your customers have a qualified agent to speak to whenever they feel the need to do so.
Contact us for more information on how our telephone answering services can help your business. Contact Us.

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