11 Types of Insurance Claims Outsourcing

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Different Types of Insurance Claims Outsourcing


Insurance claims outsourcing proves to be helpful for insurers worldwide. Insurance products and services are ever-changing in this specific niche. Yet services of insurance BPO remain consistent.

Global insurers often outsource for the following reasons. These are easy claim handling processes, accurate claim settlement, and quick resolution time.


Types of Insurance Claims Where Claims Outsourcing Can Help


1. Property Insurance Claims

Insurance for any building or immovable structure is possible through this claim. Insurers that provide this specific product deal with property damages. Depending on the fine print, you also need to provide financial help. This is to safeguard the content inside the property.

Insurance Policies Falls Under Property Insurance Claims Are:

  • Home Insurance
  • Shop insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Building Insurance


BPO claims can provide property insurance professionals to handle the following:

  1. Customer Support Services
  2. Claims Processing Services
  3. Policy Administration Services
  4. Quoting and Processing Services


Customer profiling and use of advanced analytics is also critical for:

  • Underwriting
  • Pricing
  • Claims and risk management
  • Data Processing


Outsourcing insurance claims handling helps insurers to unlock operational profitability. As well as focus on smart and integrated business transformation.

Insurance claims business process outsourcing can provide the following support for this claim:

First Notification of Loss

A claims outsourcing provider can provide you with digital tools to streamline the process. This is to free up loss-inducing resources. Insurance claims management services can provide skilled adjusters to handle low-complexity claims.

This results in faster turnaround time that keeps your customers happy at the same time. Claims handling companies can set up and fast track claims. This depends on complexity and easy segmentation.

Triage Analytics For Property Claims Segmentation

This includes AI-based processes to deliver real-time complexity scores. Also to automate claim allocation based on pre-assigned variables.

Outsourcing for insurance companies streamline these tedious processes. As it analyzes claims and recognizes patterns for similar historical claims. This way, you can ensure you are always ready to settle claims at the shortest possible time.

Content and Inventory Services

A claims service provider can provide you with content advisers. They can manage inventories. Also to handle the process involved in compilation, evaluation, and fulfillment.

They can also sync with your field advisers at the loss site to compile the inventory of lost and damaged goods.

Data entry is also involved in this. Here they can capture essentials such as documentation and photos. As well as maintain a database that stores all this information. This in turn helps to perform claim reporting and analytics a breeze.

Fraud Analytics Services

This is a service that you can leverage to identify, score, and prioritize all probable causes of fraud. The best insurance BPO has the ability to detect, investigate, and prevent these fraud cases from happening.


2. Life Insurance Claims

This is a very common asset that covers many people’s long-term financial planning. For insurance companies, you can get the necessary support from insurance claims management services.


Outsourced Support You Can Get For This Claim Are:


3. Annuity Insurance Claims

This is mainly for retirement purposes which help individuals address the risk of outliving their savings. Insurance companies will issue a stream of payments at a later point in time for this specific claim.


Insurance Outsourcing Can Offer the Following Support:

  • Agency Management Services
  • Customer Support Services
  • Plan Installation Services
  • Payment Processing Services
  • Asset management services
  • Claims servicing
  • Plan administration services
  • Reference data management services
  • Agency management services
  • Payout administration services
  • Regulatory reporting services


4. Mortgage Insurance Claims

This is an insurance policy that protects a lender or title holder who passes away or is unable to meet contractual obligations of the mortgage. 

This claim often includes the following:

  • Private mortgage insurance
  • Qualified mortgage insurance
  • Mortgage title insurance


Mortgage Cycle where insurance outsourcing companies can help:

  • Lien Release
  • Customer Service
  • Investor/Trustee Reporting and Reconciliation
  • New Loan Set-up
  • Credit Reporting and Billing
  • Flood Certification
  • Investor Reporting
  • Loan Modification
  • Mailroom Operations
  • Obtaining Tax Amounts Due on Real Estate
  • Post Closing Follow-up
  • Title Examination
  • HUD Preparation and Follow-up
  • Payoff
  • Loan Amount Revision


5. Health Insurance Claims

This claim protects an individual from the prospect of large financial burdens resulting from an accident or illness.

For insurance companies, while the majority of medical claims are adjudicated electronically, it still involves time-consuming tasks.


Insurance outsourcing service providers can provide the following support:

  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Medical Insurance Claim Setup
  • Claim Adjudication
  • Claim Document Imaging
  • Claim Support & Auditing
  • Account Settlement
  • Disbursement


6. Critical Illness Insurance Claims

This claim pays upon diagnosis of medical events such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Kidney Failure. It also covers major organ transplant or coronary bypass surgery.

This is often a specialized field. Insurance companies can get professionals from insurance claims outsourcing providers to handle its specialized requirements.


They can provide claims handling staff with the following skills:

  • Look beyond diagnosis appearing in the medical records
  • Verify all requirements for the diagnosis per the policy definition
  • Full understanding of the diagnostic criteria for a particular critical illness
  • Understand specialized tests used for diagnostic purposes and relevant medical terminology
  • Strong knowledge of oncology and cardiovascular systems


7. Professional Liability Insurance Claims

This covers individuals and their company if they make a mistake in their professional services. This is also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance or Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Insurers of this claim covers the following:

  • Negligence
  • Misrepresentation
  • Inaccurate Advice

In extreme cases, litigation is involved in processing these claims.


Insurers can outsource claims management to do the following:

  • Data Entry Support
  • Scrutinize the insured’s file that contains the information needed to determine coverage, liability, and damages
  • Gathering of pertinent documents such as contracts, emails, fee information, service agreements, scope of work documents, change orders, receipts, and bills or invoices
  • Customer service to handle first notification from the insured


8. Employer’s Liability Insurance Claims

This insurance covers legal costs that a company may face if they are sued by their employees. This may involve personal injury, sickness or death during the course of employment. This is obviously a tedious process for any insurance company.


That is why it is best to partner with BPO claims to handle the following:

  • Data entry and consolidation of incident/security report, complaint/demand letter, medical reports, etc.
  • Database maintenance of each claims for easy and fast retrieval
  • Customer services
  • Underwriting


9. Marine Cargo Insurance Claims

Thus covers movement of goods from point A to point B against accidental loss or damage by sea, air, or land.

Insured are often in the manufacturing, transportation, retail, and construction industries. Also freight and forwarding services. This often involves international liaison and therefore deals with tons of paperworks.


Claims service provider can provide the following support for insurers of this claim:

  • Gathering of documents such as bill of lading, air, truck, and rail waybill
  • Data entry to collect invoice, valued inventory, list of goods, and receipts
  • Creation and compilation of survey report and claim statements
  • Issuance of settlement checks


10. Motor Insurance Claims

This offers financial assistance in the event of an accident involving vehicles such as cars or SUVs.


Insurance outsourcing companies can do the following in behalf of the insurance company:

  • Evidence gathering of photos, documents, death certificates, medical records, and casualty reports
  • Investigation to determine what is and isn’t covered in the policy claim
  • Damage evaluation
  • Payment arrangements


11. Travel Insurance Claims

This ensures financial safety of a traveler during a trip. While this often covers a short period of time, claimants can overwhelm an insurance company.

Depending on the fine print, this may cover loss of baggage, trip cancellation and many more. Therefore, this involves other parties such as airlines, hotels, trip providers, and etc.


Insurance companies that offer this policy may partner with the best insurance BPO for the following services:

  • Customer service to liaise with third parties such as hotels, airlines, and customers
  • Verification of claims
  • Provide comprehensive reporting
  • Calculation and report of payment amounts
  • Manage claim-related correspondence


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