3 Reasons Phone Answering Services Can Boost Business Growth

3 Reasons Phone Answering Services Can Boost Business Growth

Other than around-the-clock presence, the answering services provide on-demand support that affects the growth areas of any organization.



With all the cutting-edge communications available in the market today, the telephone remains one of the most reliable channels essential to any business success story.

Organizations have been giving full attention to their customers, proving how much they are always finding ways to value and deepen their relationships. Small and medium businesses are now discovering the importance of using a telephone answering service. They believe it yields one benefit: Take that important customer call and convey messages message in an efficient and timely fashion even when the in-staff receptionist is already out of the office.


Never Miss The “24/7 benefits”

The answering service industry has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years all because there is no equal to the close interaction between the customer and the company.

Aside from after-office service and round-the-clock presence, the answering services provide on-demand support. It does affect many growth areas in the business. Here are three reasons why this service is a must for small and medium businesses:


1. It Saves Costs

These days, businesses are finding new ways to save money in terms of staff and equipment. With telephone answering services, you do not have to hire extra staff. You have an outside team that works full-time for you. Offshore inbound customer call centers like Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. can do that for your business. This gives your key employees more time to concentrate on pressing business issues.


2. You Create The First Best Impression

Customers often judge the nature of any business through that first phone call. A telephone answering service handled by an outsourced call center agent presents an innovative caller interface. All calls are greeted with a welcoming message.


3. You Never Miss That Important call

Even if you are in a business meeting, you are sure that you get messages on time.  You are backed by a professional team of agents, professionally trained to answer calls even when your phone is turned off.


4. No Need For Additional In-house Employees

Phone answering services outsourcing provides you with the ability to scale up or down without going through the hassle of recruitment, training, and retention of additional employees. Your outsourcing provider will handle the rest. This saves you on the expenses on benefits and training and management duties.


5. Access to Diverse Talent

The Philippine BPO industry is filled with a competent and reliable talent pool. Outsourcing in the country gives you the ability to employ such individuals to work for you, albeit overseas. In addition to that, if you need additional specialized help, it is a good move to have the ability to hire from such a diverse talent pool.


6. Better Call Volume and Overflow Management

Phone answering service, no matter if it’s 24/7 or after-hours can manage your fluctuating call volume. It is possible through automated call distribution, dedicated staffing, and training. BPO companies often have training on multiple call handling, scripting, and escalations.

In essence, the telephone answering services give you a high level of support which remains undiscovered by most small and medium businesses. In fact, it is a weight off of one’s day-to-day tasks, allowing business owners to concentrate on their core expertise while ensuring those valuable customer calls are taken and relayed to them quickly accurately. Taking that call not only projects you a positive image. It gives you the freedom to grow and to focus on activities that matter.


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