7 Deciding Factors When You Outsource Community Moderation Services

7 Deciding Factors When You Outsource Community Moderation Services

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled 7 Deciding Factors When You Outsource Community Moderation Services

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled 7 Deciding Factors When You Outsource Community Moderation Services

Let these seven key factors help you pick the best partner for your community moderation services


The use of the internet and social media has been proven effective to maintain and build brand awareness. However, challenges arise in managing any community thus the need for community moderation services.

People often mistake that content moderation service or online moderation outsourcing services are for businesses that focus on profit alone. However, it is also perfect for any organization to ensure effective rapport with customers and stakeholders.


Objectives of Content Moderation Service


When it comes to online moderation outsourcing services, these are the common set of objectives that prevails.

Customer Support

Your online presence is important to establish an effective support system for your customers and stakeholders. A dedicated social media moderator can help provide support with the issues your customers may face. This also provides affordable support to address issues in real time.


Community moderation services ensure a smooth flow of interaction between your customers. This is possible through an open and fair exchange of views within the online community. 

A business can gain the most honest feedback on the brand. It can also serve as a seed for discussions on matters that need necessary feedback.

Product feedback and features

Feedback on the brand’s product and its features can help businesses to take important steps to improve on them. It is also useful for strategy-making and testing areas for future product or services introductions.

Audience promotion

A happy customer is a good vehicle for free advertisement. Your online community brings them together and improves customer retention in the long run. Satisfying customers in your community is like having free marketers for your brand, products and services. 


7 Key Factors Of Online Moderation Outsourcing Services You Should Know


Any business has the option to do content moderation service in house or outsource. In the past decades, community moderation services have been a high-valued services for the outsourcing industry in the Philippines.

Having said that, here are the things you should know about online moderation outsourcing services. This way you can choose the well-suited outsourcing provider for your needs.

1. Service Flexibility

Multiple platforms in social media need community moderation services with varying rules and guidelines. That is why it is important that you partner with a third-party provider with the necessary knowledge and experience across these different platforms. 

Also laws and regulations around the world affect the work of the social media moderator. Familiarity with the country’s law where the platforms operate and where the members are from is an advantage as well. 

Your dedicated social media moderator must be well aware of the laws related to obscenity, copyright, children’s safety, privacy, etc.

2. Industry Experience

The general governing policies in content moderation service remains consistent across the world. Thus you must look for an outsourcing provider that has provided similar services you want from another client. 

This shows you if they possess your needed skills and knowledge. As this would mean these factors are portable that you can take advantage of. 

3. Multiple Roles Flexibility

Social media moderator in a sense covers a linear objective of identifying and blocking content that may go against your community’s rules and regulations. While for community moderation services, there are various roles that you need to fill as well. 

These are the following:

  • Monitor and filter content that is objectionable in nature
  • Serve as frontline customer support that can identify customer issues and resolve them
  • Gather trends and information that is prevalent in the community
  • Create engagement activities for the community
  • Look for new customers and engage them with the brand
  • Amplify the voice of brand advocates and minimize detractors in the process

These all contribute to the goal of building a strong rapport between customers in the community.

4. Smart Pricing

Cheapest does not guarantee the best value you can get from an online moderation outsourcing services provider. It is a fact that you can choose from a lot of third-party providers, even just in the Philippines. 

Business sensibilities are also at stake here when it comes to content moderation service. That is why you must seek pricing that offers great value and not necessarily the cheapest price tag there is.

5. Response Rate

You need a content moderation service that provides round-the-clock uptime service. In the online landscape, speed expectations is the name of the game. While some user-generated content may wait, you cannot risk inappropriate ones to go unnoticed.

As it may put your community at risk and become off track with the right conversations you should be having instead. This could happen within a miniscule minute. Thus should be one of your requirements before you pick your outsourcing provider. 

6. Best Technology

Efficiency and consistency is further improved because of technological advancement in communication. However, faster innovation leads to such moderation technologies to be replaced at a much faster pace. 

That is why you need an outsourcing provider that utilizes fresh and updated technology in their service package. Which must be used to improve the overall quality of their service delivery.

7. Scaling Capacity

You can outsource content moderation service from a reliable BPO partner in the Philippines. As they have an ample pool of talents, equipped with training and resources that the BPO industry can provide. 

In addition to that, they can hire and train talents to provide your required services, whenever you need. Also you must focus on your partner’s ability to match spikes on your requirements.

Moderation Services You Can Get

  • Community moderation services
  • Comment moderation
  • Review moderation
  • Forum moderation
  • User-generated content moderation
  • Profanity filtering service
  • Image moderation
  • Profile moderation
  • Video moderation
  • Website moderation


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