7 Types of Customer Service Representatives You Should Hire Now

7 Types of Customer Service Representatives You Should Hire Now

Customer Service Representatives


Looking at outsourcing your customer service? Hire agents with formidable customer service representatives skills. It’s the only way to ensure customer satisfaction and high service levels.

A global study of 1,440 reps found that these professionals fall into seven distinct profiles. Empathizers are the most common type, but Controllers were found to be the most effective at providing solutions.

These are the types of customer representatives (CSRs) you should hire:


The Controller

As the name suggests, this type is assertive and opinionated. Controllers set the pace for customer interactions, and they love to demonstrate their expertise on the product or service. They run the show – they don’t follow call center scripts and they are solutions-oriented. Out of all the reps surveyed in the study, they were the top performers when it came to bottom-line results. Despite the high productivity of Controller types, however, most managers are hesitant to hire them.


The Rock

This is the type of rep who remains unfazed no matter how difficult or prolonged calls get. Like a rock, she is optimistic and unflappable in any call center situation. This rep can deal with irate callers and not take any of their complaints personally. They made up 12% of the study and were the second most productive reps, next to Controllers.


The Accommodator

This type is the quintessential team player. Accommodators try their best to meet others halfway and are keen to involve them in decision-making. They’re also eager to please, offering refunds and discounts whenever possible.


The Empathizer

Making up 32% of the study, Empathizers are sympathetic reps who listen intently to callers, making a genuine effort to understand what motivates customers and why they behave the way they do. What’s more, is that they love solving other people’s problems. It’s no surprise, then, that 42% of managers who participated in the study prefer to hire them – their emphatic demeanor and service-oriented approach are a shoo-in for just about any call center job.


The Hard Worker

Hard Workers follow rules and procedures to a T. They enjoy working with numbers, and they refuse to miss deadlines. Managers love them because of their sheer persistence and commitment to the job. They made up 20% of the study and ranked 5th in productivity.


The Innovator

If Hard Workers observe rules and procedures, Innovators try to change them, constantly looking for areas to improve on. They’re always tinkering with the system, and they love to come up with new ideas. Trust these types to keep things fresh and interesting.


The Competitor

Making up just 1% of the study, Competitors are bent on outperforming their colleagues and changing others’ views. Life is a beauty pageant, and they’re in it to win it. Sound bad? Not necessarily – a friendly competition can bring out the best in your reps, so long as Competitors are directed properly.


The type of rep you hire depends largely on the kind of image you want to project for your brand.

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