Be a Call Center Cupid This Valentine’s Day


We’re pretty sure most, if not all, of you know who Cupid is. Known as the god of desire, affection, and love in classical mythology, he is often portrayed as a baby or young boy with a bow and arrow, ready to pierce the hearts of people, thus making them “fall in live”.

Did you know that you, along with your enterprise’s customer contact center can play Cupid this Valentine’s Day?

Yes, that’s right, Cupid. That product inquiry call center service, for instance, can help answer any questions a client may have about a ring that he saw at your online store.  Moreover, backing the inbound call center service with an order taking call center channel will afford “Loverboy” the luxury of buying that gift in an easy and secure way—without leaving his home or office.

Meanwhile, should he decide to go all out and take his girl out on a Valentine’s date, he can simply call your reservations call center customer service hotline to reserve a table at your sister company’s restaurant. This will give him peace of mind, knowing that he and his date need not wait long—especially on a day like Valentine’s, when lines at restaurants are notoriously long.

Go ahead and help couples fall in love this Valentine’s Day. Of course, wearing the diaper and holding that bow and arrow is optional.



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