Fb Pixel Call Center Guerrilla 1: Inbound Call Handling Tactics

Call Center Guerrilla 1: Inbound Call Handling Tactics

Call Center Guerrilla 1: Inbound Call Handling Tactics

In this installment, we discuss and simplify the process if you handle incoming calls in the inbound call center.

by Arthur Kevin Rabago

inbound call handling

INBOUND CALL HANDLING TACTIC. A call center agent should always be prepared to win customers.

After rebooting your résumé (finally getting the attention of the call centers) and surviving the interview process, you have finally landed a call center job. Then what?

In this installment, we will discuss and simplify the inbound call handling process.

How you handle these calls spells a difference between an irate and a satisfied caller.  In this article, we will discuss the WASP method in handling inbound calls.

WASP stands for:

W – Welcome, A- Ask, S – Supply, and P –Part. Here’s how you do it:

    • W = Welcome

*Greet the caller properly
*Introduce yourself

    • A- Ask = Collect Information

*Ask questions
*Probe on what the caller needs
*Observe the caller’s reaction

    • S – Supply = Give Information

*Give the appropriate response (based on the established call flow procedure)
*Try to answer the caller’s concerns
*Provide the information the caller needs
*Empathize with the caller (if necessary)
*Escalate the call, if you cannot resolve the issue in your own

    • P -Part – Close the call

*Ask the caller if you have resolved his/her query
*Inquire if he/she needs anything else
*Close the call- confident that you have made another caller happy

Hope this helps.

Stay tuned, the next installment will be “A Survival Guide for the Outbound Call Center Agent

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