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Call Center Outsourcing 2017 Mid Year Report

Call Center Outsourcing 2017 Mid Year ReportThe beginning of the year 2017 made some stakeholders in the outsourcing industry, notably call center outsourcing, a little concerned. The newly-elected President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump did not waste time in declaring to the world about his “America first” campaign, which in a nutshell, means prioritizing Americans for employment and labor. Understandably, this made some players of the call center outsourcing industry in the Philippines worried, sparking fears that their careers will be put on the line or the industry will be on a decline.

Call Center Industry Not Affected

But this is not the case, as the call center outsourcing industry in the Philippines is still as strong as ever. Months after the declaration of the incumbent, it appears there is no need for alarm or worries that the growth of the call center outsourcing in the Philippines will slow down.

There are still hundreds of call center companies operating in the country, and the demand for call center staff remains as high as ever. Recent job fairs held in the country were mostly populated by call centers looking to hire their newest batch of agents. And the Philippines’ online job websites are still full of ads for call center agents, customer service representatives, and technical support representatives.  

Mr. Benedict Hernandez, Chairman of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines, said during a briefing held earlier this year that the United States of America is still the number one call center outsourcing client of the Philippines, and the election of Trump or his “America first” policy did not change the way their Western clients conduct business with them. He also said that 70% of the US’ call center and BPO demand were from North America, and they expect that the US will still be the country’s top client due to the steady growth of their health care industry.  

This confirms what KPMG found in their study, “Global IT-BPO Outsourcing Deals Analysis”, which found out that the United States of America contributed a total of 64.7% out of the total outsourcing service contracts in 2016. The United Kingdom contributed 9.2%, respectively.  

Australia and New Zealand

An interesting finding is that there are other countries who are emerging as key outsourcing markets, particularly Australia and France. Mr. Hernandez actually mentioned during the briefing that Australia and New Zealand are the two fastest-growing markets for call centers based in the country.

Considering that there are emerging call center outsourcing markets, and the healthcare industry of North America is continuously growing, the state of the call center industry in the Philippines is similarly on the rise. Today, the call center industry of the Philippines is valued at Php 150 billion and is responsible for an estimated 8% of their GDP. As long as there is a demand for superior customer service and excellent business processes for a lower cost, the call center outsourcing, IT and BPO industry in the Philippines is in a favorable, secure position for consistent, stable growth.

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