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Our Impact in the BPO-LPO Sector

By Yelyna

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Every firm needs the best legal outsourcing services

Running a law firm means going through tons of paperwork every single day. It is a time-consuming process for lawyers whose time and energy are needed more by their clients.

Outsourcing your legal process to Magellan Solutions may benefit you and give your law firm a competitive edge.

Our legal outsourcing services have been there for almost two decades. Thus, we have worked with western companies in regards to engaging with legal work.


Magellan Solutions has been contributing our own success stories in the field of BPO LPO

Magellan Solutions is slowly growing and is now considered to have more edge in terms of overall competitiveness.

We have provided 7 situations below on how we can show that we are, indeed, the top when it comes to quality performance.

Client Case / Situation Magellan Solutions’ Response as a bpo kpo
The client is a leading law firm with a strong presence in different parts of the world. This firm has lawyers specializing in family law, criminal law, and civil matters. Audio & Video Transcription

At the time, a third party had just sent the client interview audio that was needed for an upcoming trial.

The client needed to review and transcribe these audio files, but they were long and had serious quality problems. These issues meant that the client could incur high expenses if it used its own employees to process these interview files.

The law firm realized it did not have the time or resources needed, so it chose to outsource legal work for help.

Though the nature of the recordings was inherently different and labor-intensive, Magellan Solutions can still take on the challenge.

We can transcribe all of the audio files quickly and accurately so the firm could focus on its core operations.

Our efficient management of the process can enable savings of more than 60% for the client. We guarantee our fast turnaround time and ability to transcribe the audio accurately despite the quality issues.

One of the leading law firm based in France Legal Practice

The client required time-intensive and high-quality legal research on the issue involving authorities’ rights in France. They needed the research memoranda to be further presented to their end client who also belonged to the same territory.

Moreso, the counsel had the following concerns:

• Faster turn-around-time – The client required the research to be completed within a very short period of time, as their ultimate client wanted to file the petition as earliest as possible.

• Their internal legal department was overworked and lacked the bandwidth to analyze & prioritize their vast portfolio of cases and summarize the key fields.

• They wanted to combat the issue of high-cost associated with legal research.

We can deploy our available resources as the top lpo bpo with good command on European Civil Law System to search for authoritarian rights under all circumstances.

Furthermore, we:

• Have established a client-dedicated team of compromising searching experts with good knowledge of the European Civil Law System.

• Conducted intensive research on thousands of electronic pages for privilege, relevancy, and responsiveness within 5 days flat.

• Received and researched various articles-free and paid, relevant legislation, case laws on the topic.

• Performed a baselining of the client’s existing search results.

• Drafted a comprehensive Memo of Law on the topic.

The client is an information technology company in the United States that develops products with the help of software developers in other countries.

They license and sell their products to end-users everywhere in the world.


The client wanted to create a new product and hire developers from other countries to assist its employees.

However, the client was unsure of how to draft an End User License Agreement that would meet the needs of the developers in multiple countries.

In addition to this, the client needed the contracts to be completed in a shorter timeframe than it could manage.

The client reached out to Magellan Solutions for our innovative legal process outsourcing solutions.

We will assemble a team of contract attorneys and a project coordinator. They will then handle the account and monitor the progress of work, check the quality, and ensure delivery within the stipulated time.

With proper planning and coordination, our LPO team was able to complete the project within the stipulated time and deliver it to the client.

Legal technology company based in Canada.

The client provides technical solutions to lawyers that will facilitate access to the legal materials. It is one of the pioneers of the free access to law endeavors.

Digitalizing of Historical Situations

The client wanted conversion of around 6500 historical decisions from scanned files into a properly stylized and formatted word document that would be published on the web. This task was to be completed in a space of 12 days.

There were manifold challenges in the project:

• One of the first concerns was that the decisions dated back to the 1940s and 1950s. Due to this, the scanned quality of the TIFF files sent to us was not that good.

• Another area that needed attention was selecting the right kind of resources from the legal outsourcing services to ensure the efficient execution of the project.

• The project involved the conversion of the court rendered decisions that would be made live on the web.

• The project had a very tight deadline and the accuracy levels of 99.95% had to be maintained compulsorily.

To ensure that the project will be delivered on time and with the expected quality levels, Magellan Solutions will distribute them into three:

1. As the project involved court judgments, there will be a lawyer with experience of handling many similar projects in the past as a Project Supervisor.

2. The legal team was responsible for marking the printed judgments in accordance with the client-defined template.

3. This marked judgment ensured that the scope of committing errors at the stage of applying the style and formatting was considerably reduced and that the time consumed in formatting the document was also reduced considerably.

• Simultaneous with the Marking Stage, the documents will pass through our digital teams’ OCR. The tiff images are converted into text files using OCR Conversion process before each document is proofread for accuracy.

• The documents will then be ready by applying pre-defined tags on them.

• The final work product is delivered after receiving the final approval from the Project Supervisor.

The client is a law firm in California specializing in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, and other accident cases. Deposition Summarization

The client approached an LPO BPO provider with a two-day deadline for an accident case.

In this case, depositions were being conducted for the people involved in the accident and for the relevant highway patrol. With 10 depositions total, the client was running out of time to review these lengthy testimonies.

Magellan Solutions’ LPO team can help review and summarize the depositions for the law firm.

Our team will surely develop a complete process flow with various process improvements to meet the tight deadline.

We will have a manager designated to handle the accounts. They will monitor the distribution and completion of work within the stipulated time and check the quality of deliverables.

Through meticulous planning and execution, our team is able to complete the task by the client’s deadline. Our summaries were accurate, concise, and easy to understand.

A leading law firm in New York that specializes in personal injury litigation. Medical Record Summarization Personal Injury Litigation

In an attempt to expand the firm, the client took on more injury cases than it could handle with its current staff and resources.

With such a large volume of medical records being submitted to the firm on a daily basis, the client was struggling to maintain and review so many documents.

The client can reach out to Magellan Solutions for our legal outsourcing services.

We can maintain the medical documents and records and to assist in the litigation process. Utilizing our strong background in healthcare, we immediately began summarizing the medical files to make them easier to understand from a legal perspective.

Our LPO team stands out from the rest because we have doctors and paramedical staff who are experienced in scrutinizing medical records, prescriptions, and more. Our well-defined process of allocating our staff’s work allowed us to complete the job well within the required timeframe.

We also verified all the documents’ summaries for accuracy and quality before returning them to the law firm.

The client is a world-renowned consulting and technology vendor with a strong market hold in its area of operation. With a vast and elaborate service portfolio, MSAs (Master Service Agreements) play a vital role in their business functioning. Contract Abstraction

The client wanted a reliable legal outsourcing partner who could go over their Master Service Agreements and Statements of work and extract specific data. Further, the extracted data had to be entered into a specific database management system.

The major challenge in this project was that no two agreements were the same. Moreso, there was no standardized format to be followed.

The entire job consisting of more than 1,800 documents for various geographies from all over the world had to be completed within a span of 20 days with 99.95% accuracy.

Magellan Solutions will apply strategic project management techniques. This is to ensure and establish systematic synchronization between client’s expectations and our processes.

We carried out pilot runs with some of our subject matter experts and had a better understanding of the project.

Based on the procedure followed in the pilot run, it became quite evident that the application in which the data had to be entered had to be dynamic.

Upon request, we can also deploy a dedicated team stationed at the client’s workplace to further ensure complete contract data privacy and quick work on the go.


The only legal partner who can adapt to you every need is Magellan Solutions

We can provide you with a highly qualified 100% dedicated team of full-time legal support staff BPO solutions. Through them, we assist you with any documentation you need to be completed.

Your dedicated staff is guaranteed to produce and advise on all documentation you may need. Furthermore, they will be bound by ethical standards, and we pride ourselves on maintaining confidentiality.

You can even hire a full-time dedicated offshore corporate lawyer to join the team.

If you are ready to meet your client’s demands for more competitive fees, without compromising on quality, contact us today and find out how we can help.


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      Our Impact in the BPO-LPO Sector


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