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High Tech Enough: Sophisticated Technologies In Philippine Call Centers

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 4, 2024

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The utilization of advanced technologies in Philippine call centers has revolutionized the outsourcing industry. The seamless integration of high-tech solutions has enabled the efficient handling of calls and customer inquiries for companies offshore. This strategic use of technology not only streamlines operations but also ensures a high standard of service delivery. Leveraging these advanced technologies in Philippine call centers is the key to overcoming geographical barriers and providing exceptional customer service.

Whether you are an outsourced call center provider or only providing back-office tasks does not matter. Just think about all the possibilities that technology has brought to us. Just think about how companies can now easily focus on core tasks when they have people operating the lines and are not even on the same continent. This is quite a considerable feat and quite an amazing one at that.

How Important Is Technology?

Would you be happy to live in a world where technology seems to be non-existent? Well, at least, high technology? It surely would not be a wonderful world since we are all used to having technology around. So how important is it?

Ask around, and you will get a variety of answers. It could be for the most straightforward reason like it helps them work better, and for others, it is a form of entertainment for them when things get a little boring. Those doing outsourced customer service would surely get answers like, “Technology is the reason we are doing this job.” Indeed, without technology, customer service as we know it would not exist.

Call centers leverage the best available technology to bring numerous advantages. You will be impressed by how each one uses technology to enhance customer service. Technology is the tool that call centers use to provide the service they offer. Imagine a technical support call center that does not use the right technology. How ironic would that be?

The Sophisticated Technologies Used In Philippine Call Centers

Automatic call distributors and automatic call dialers

Without a system like this, it would be difficult for any contact center to handle all the calls. It can be chaotic, and agents would take a lot of calls while others would not be able to reach anyone. The technology in technical support call centers in the Philippines is essential for addressing urgent issues efficiently. This system allows team leaders and supervisors to automatically route calls to available agents, ensuring prompt customer assistance and improving overall satisfaction.

Inbound contact centers would use the automatic call distributor, while outbound ones would use automatic call dialers. The automated call dialers would work like the automatic call distributor except that this one would route each dialed number, not each incoming one.

CRM application and call center servicing application

CRM applications encompass technology that enhances customer relationship management, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is, more or less, the same as a call center servicing application that aims to help customers in the best way possible. This is essential technology, especially if you are an order-taking call center.

Using this technology in your contact center, ensure that the agents trained to handle all your customers quickly learn each customer’s history with the company. They will be able to efficiently provide the necessary solution and address any previously documented issues that may be related to the new one. Magellan Solutions Outsourcing uses this technology to provide better service to its customers.

It may seem like too much information, especially if an agent is new to this type of technology. However, with the proper training and time to familiarize themselves, agents can quickly glance at it, learn the customer and know-how, know the app, and learn the management system.

Most contact centers use this technology to get to lists they need to work on quickly. There will be businesses that would tell you that they would only need to contact all those who may have indicated an interest in the online magazine they offer. With this modern technology, agents can easily access a list of those who have mentioned such and be able to contact them.

Without this in their place of work, it would be difficult for agents to find who to contact. It may take them a lot of time to review all the information that customers provide. Without technology, agents would have had to find the right customers and then make contact when one fitting the description had been found, wasting a lot of time.

Call recording applications.

Business owners who choose to outsource to contact centers are understandably eager to ensure that their customers receive top-notch service. It’s no surprise, as providing excellent customer care is the primary goal of outsourcing. This is why many contact centers are embracing call recording applications—a cutting-edge technology trend that demonstrates their commitment to effectively managing customer interactions. Moreover, for businesses, this technology provides the ability to review calls conveniently or focus on specific ones as needed.

If this were not present, agents could mishandle calls and later deny doing so. It would be the customer’s word against the agent, which can lead to a chaotic situation we all want to avoid. With a call recording application in place, all calls would be automatically recorded and stored for reference purposes. Thanks to this latest technology, the quality of each call will always be maintained.

Interactive voice response systems and speech recognition systems

We all know about Siri and Cortana, two features embedded in the popular iPhones and Windows mobile phones. These two intelligent personal assistants allow customers on the go to access stuff on their phones without pushing any buttons. It would all be about voice recognition. This is the kind of new technology invention many contact centers use. With more customers on the go, this option allows them to choose options using voice commands. Many call centers still require button pressing. Interactive voice response and speech recognition systems make it easier for customers to contact support while multitasking. This could be an exciting investment for a Philippine call center to attract more business.

Workforce management software

When you work in a call center in the Philippines, and you have tons of employees to deal with, it would be difficult to plot their schedules, their days off, those absent, and those on leave. Thanks to workforce management software, you can now easily do that. It should also let you know how many calls you will get in one day. That way, you can easily plot how many people should be working on days when the demand is relatively high.

With the help of this software, those working in the workforce should also be able to see the excellent break schedules to ensure that there are not too many people taking breaks when the volume of calls is too high. Plus, it would also allow them to create a good plan so that there would always be enough people on the floor to take calls, even if there are people on leave and people who may need to take time off work because they are sick.

Quality management applications

Quality is of utmost importance. It should not be practiced only when you are doing call center hiring. It should also be practiced with each transaction that you do when you are at work. That is why companies make sure that they invest in quality management applications so that they can measure how well agents follow policies and convenient protocols. You would find a variety of call centers in the Philippines using different quality management applications to provide quality service and be competitive in the market.

Managers usually use such an application. However, quality assurance specialists constantly use it. They listen to calls and ensure that everything is being followed correctly.

Computer telephony integration

This computer telephony integration is also known as CTI. You can find this in almost any call center in the Philippines. It is quite a convenient technology as agents would not need to spend too much time looking for their customers’ information. With this one, a pop-up window would appear on the computer used by the agent when a call is connected. That way, everything the agent needs to know about the customer would be ready. This would save them a lot of time, and they could immediately attend to the customer’s needs.

The agent will continue verifying while reviewing previous calls and resolving issues without placing the customer on hold.

Other forms of technology

Call centers invest in other essential technologies, including a good internet connection. To prevent disruptions, most companies ensure they have backup sources.

It is also essential for them to invest in good computers that will help all agents perform their tasks better. Due to slow computer performance, older computers could decrease agents’ ability to handle many calls.This is why contact centers are investing in new equipment.

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      High Tech Enough: Sophisticated Technologies In Philippine Call Centers

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