High Tech Enough: Sophisticated Technologies In Philippine Call Centers

High Tech Enough: Sophisticated Technologies In Philippine Call Centers

technology in philippine call centers

Technology is the reason why outsourcing tasks is very much possible. This would not have happened if technology (or at least high technology) was present. It would be quite difficult to handle calls and customers contacting the company which may be based in countries like the United States or in the United Kingdom. The company would have to find a possible way to transfer all of that portion of their operations to the Philippines where they have outsourced their tasks to. It would be quite a complex thing to put together. However, thanks to high technology, these things can now happen quite easily and you would not have to sweat a drop.

It does not matter if you are an outsourced call center provider or one that only provides back office tasks. Just think about all the possibilities that technology has brought to us. Just think about how companies can now easily focus on core tasks when they have people manning the lines and they are not even on the same continent. This is quite a huge feat and quite an amazing one at that.

How Important Is Technology?

Would you be happy to live in a world where technology seems to be non-existent? Well, at least, high technology? It surely would not be quite a wonderful world to be in since we are all used to having technology around. So how important really is it?

Ask around and you would get a variety of answers. It could be from the simplest reason like it helps them do work better and for others it is a form of helping them be entertained when things get a little boring. And for those who are doing outsourced customer service, you surely would be getting answers like “Technology is the reason that we are doing this job.” Indeed, without technology, customer service as we know it would not exist.

Technology brings a lot of benefits to the world of call centers so do not be surprised if each one that you visit would try to get hold of the best things that technology has to offer. It is the tool that call centers use to provide the service that they offer. Imagine a technical support call center that does not make use of the right technology. How ironic would that be?

The Sophisticated Technologies Used In Philippine Call Centers

Automatic call distributors and automatic call dialers

Without a system like this, it would be difficult for any contact center to handle all the calls that come in. It can definitely be chaotic and there would be agents who would be taking a lot of calls while others would not be able to get any one. With all calls having seemingly urgent issues, any person working in a technical support call center in the Philippines would be able to tell you that this is one technology that they really rely on to get things done and get them done properly.

With this kind of technology in place, team leaders and supervisors would not have to deal with checking which agents are getting enough calls and which ones are not. The system would automatically route the calls that come in to the right person who is available. That way, customers get attended to the soonest time possible and that would mean customers that would be a lot happier with the customer service that they are getting from you.

The automatic call distributor would be used by inbound contact centers while outbound ones would be using automatic call dialers. The automatic call dialers would work like the automatic call distributor except that this one would route each dialed number and not each incoming one.

CRM application and call center servicing application

CRM actually stands for customer relationship management. With that, CRM applications would pertain to technology used to provide better customer relationship management. This is, more or less, the same as call center servicing application that aims at being able to help out the customers in the best way possible. This is very essential technology especially if you are an order taking call center.

With this kind of technology in place in your contact center, you can be assured that the agents that are trained to handle all your customers would be able to easily know the history of each customer with regards to their company. It would allow them to easily provide the needed solution and address any issues that were previously documented and may be connected to the new one. Magellan Solutions Outsourcing uses this technology so as to provide better service to its customers.

It may seem like too much information to deal with especially if an agent is new to this type of technology. However, with the right training and time to be familiar with it, agents can easily glance at it and be able to know the customer and have an idea how to properly deal with them.

Campaign management system

This is also known as the CMS. Most contact centers make use of this technology to be able to easily get to lists that they need to work on. There will be businesses that would tell you that they would only need to contact all those who may have indicated an interest in the online magazine that they are offering. With this modern technology, agents can easily access a list of those who have mentioned such and be able to contact them.

Without this in their place of work, it would be difficult for agents to find who to contact. In fact, it may take them a lot of time to go through all the information that customers provide. Instead of being able to get a whole lot of contacts in one go and start communicating with these customers, without this computer technology, agents would have to deal with finding the right customers and then make contact when one fitting the description has been found. It would be a waste of a lot of time.

Call recording applications.

Business owners that outsource to contact centers would like to know how agents are handling their customers. Of course, this is not a surprise as the very reason why most owners choose to outsource is to make sure that all customers are given the right care. This is why many contact centers invest in call recording applications. This is one of the latest technology trends that are helping a lot of contact centers prove to their clients that they are doing well with the customers. It is also a good thing for business as they are able to randomly listen to calls if they wish to or they can pinpoint certain calls easily.

If this were not present, there can be agents who may mishandle calls and then later on deny having done so. It would be the word of the customer against the agent and that can lead to a pretty chaotic situation which we all would want to avoid. With a call recording application in place, all calls would be automatically recorded and stored for reference purposes. Thanks to this latest technology, quality will always be maintained in each call.

Interactive voice response systems and speech recognition systems 

We all know about Siri and Cortana, two of the features embedded in the popular iPhones and in Windows mobile phones. These 2 intelligent personal assistants allow customers who may be on the go to access stuff on their phones without having to push any buttons. It would all be about voice recognition. This is the kind of new technology inventions that a growing number of contact centers are using as of late. With more and more customers being on the go, this option allows customers to listen to the options and choose the one that they want through voice commands. There are still a lot of call centers that would only allow customers to get to certain information if and only if buttons are pressed.

With the recognition that customers are being too busy and having too much to do, such interactive voice response systems and speech recognition systems would then allow customers that may be doing something else still be able to contact customer support with a lot less hassle on their end. A Philippine call center may easily find this interesting and invest in it as it would help them land more businesses to work with.

Workforce management software

When you are working in a call center Philippines and you have tons of employees to deal with, it would be difficult for you to actually plot their schedules, their days off, those who are absent, and those who are on leave. Thanks to workforce management software, you can now easily do that. It should also allow you to be able to know how many calls you would be getting in one day. That way, you can easily plot how many people should be working on the days when the demand is quite high.

With the help of this software, those who are working in the workforce should also be able to see the good break schedules to make sure that there are not too many people taking breaks when the volume of calls is too high. Plus, it would also allow them to create a good plan so that there would always be enough people on the floor to take calls even if there are people who are on leave and if there are people who may need to take time off work because they are sick.

Quality management applications

Quality is of utmost importance. It should not be practiced not only when you are doing call center hiring. It should also be practiced with each transaction that you do when you are at work. That is why companies make sure that they invest in quality management applications so that they would be able to conveniently measure just how good agents follow policies and protocol. You would find a variety of call centers in the Philippines making use of different quality management applications so that they would be providing quality service and also be competitive in the market.

Managers usually make use of such an application. However, the people who constantly make use of such would be those quality assurance specialists who do take their time to really listen to calls and make sure that everything is being followed correctly.

Computer telephony integration

This computer telephony integration is also known as CTI. You can find this in almost any call center in the Philippines. It is quite a convenient technology to use as agents would not need to spend too much time looking for the information of their customers. With this one, a pop up window would appear on the computer used by the agent when a call is connected. That way, everything that the agent needs to know about the customer would be already ready. This would save them a lot of time and they could immediately attend to the needs of the customer calling in.

Instead of having to put the customer on hold just to be able to pull up accounts and all that, the agent would simply continue with the verification process and also review any previous calls and issues that have been made and tackled.

Other forms of technology

Other important technologies that call centers invest in would include a good internet connection. In fact, most companies make sure that they have their own source that when ordinary connections go out, they would not be affected by such. This would be to ensure that operations continue and would not be affected.

It is also important for them to invest in good computers that would help all agents perform their tasks better. If these agents were using old computers, then the chances of that agent to be able to handle a lot of calls can go down as he (or she) would have to deal with the slow computers at work. This is why contact centers are investing in new equipment.