Fb Pixel Hotel Business Reserved for Those Who Will Take Advantage

Hotel Business Reserved for Those Who Will Take Advantage

Hotel Business Reserved for Those Who Will Take Advantage

reservations support services for smart businessesUnless you haven’t awakened from your winter slumber, you’re probably well aware that summer is already upon us. This means it’s time to hit the open road, the beach, or even the next continent.

For business folks like yourself, such a time means more clients—thanks in large part to more airline, bus, or even rent-a-car sales. This is your cue, Mr. or Ms. Hotelier to spruce up your hotel’s rooms and quarters as well as beef up that hotel bookings reservations call center. “Make hay while the sun shines”, as the saying goes.

Think about it. Bookings.com, an online hotel booking company says that their worldwide online bookings totaled around $3 billion in 2012. And that’s just using an app—something that you can put one over thanks in large part to your warm and friendly call center service team who will gladly take down client bookings fuss-free, all via toll-free phone call, email, Facebook or Twitter pages, or even live chat.

Yes folks, having a reservations call center team take care of your customers means that they can expect to feel at home even before stepping into your luxurious and cozy digs—something that no mobile app can do.

And we’re not just looking at techie-bookings on the rise here. We learned from Dilip Puri, managing director, India at Starwood Asia Pacific Hotels and Resorts (the folks who run Le Meridien and Sheraton), “We expect an improvement in occupancy rates across major business segments,” He goes on to say that their estimates are a conservative 5% to as much as 10-15% over the same period last year. While this may be fueled by reforms made by the Indian government in recent years, this is a strong indicator that even in such places like New Delhi, business is booming—something that you wouldn’t want to lose out on.

So once you wake up from your slumber, we suggest getting your inbound call center team handling reservations and bookings into action. There are summer vacationers waiting for their hotel rooms—a lot of them.

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