How Cold Email Compliments Cold Calling Service

How Cold Email Compliments Cold Calling Service

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled How Cold Email Compliments Cold Calling Service

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions titled How Cold Email Compliments Cold Calling Service

Sending cold emails compliments your cold calling service strategy and how to max out its potential


A lot of people still consider cold calling service as intrusive and a breach of privacy. While C-level executives and decision-makers expect to receive tons of cold calls, that doesn’t mean they are not tired of it.

However, such a scenario does not render cold calling service ineffective to gain warmer leads and successful sales. 

In recent years, the approach to BPO cold calling service has evolved. Long gone are random dialing, robotic pitches, invasive calling techniques. Instead, it has become an effective tool to reach out to prospects with the goal of solving their problems through the product or service offerings. 

Nowadays, a lot of innovative CRM tools for cold calling enable sales reps to effectively reach out to prospects. Adding to the arsenal is sending cold communications such as email. This is a technique that complements cold calling service


Do you really have to choose between cold call and cold email?

The simple answer is no. 

In fact, 31% of sales people do believe that an effective cold calling service strategy, followed up by an individualized and tailored cold communication, is far more effective than choosing one over the other.

If you choose to do cold email alone, you have to consider that the response rate of it is 1% only. In addition to that, only 24% of cold email pitches are opened by recipients. 


Key Differences Between Cold Calling Service and Cold Email


There are differences in the approach to BPO cold calling service and cold email. This way, you will understand how it works and why it can power up your strategies in reaching out to prospects.

Cold Calling ServiceCold Email
This is more personal where a sales rep can get an immediate response and prompts you to work around a prospect that rejects your offer.

This is a dynamic approach as it allows you to recalibrate your strategy to fit your prospect’s needs as the conversation progresses.

This is easier to scale, much cheaper and more efficient. 

This enables you to send a lot of email to a lot of prospects within a short period of time.

Enables you to create tailored and individualized email that is a direct response to your prospect’s needs.

This is intrusive in nature and people are not really keen about receiving them, consistently. 

Obtrusive cold calls and crass language may hit your company’s reputation, if you are not careful.

Less intrusive than a cold call and provides a more polite response of rejection from prospects.

You can also automate, track, and forward cold emails. Making them easy to distribute to a lot of your prospects.


3 Same Guiding Principles of Cold Calls and Cold Emails


Here are the general guiding principles of cold calling service and cold emails that you should be aware of. Especially if you are going to use both.

1. You should be thoughtful when reaching out

This means your sales reps should consider and respect your prospect’s time and needs. This is possible by a simple acknowledgement that when you are calling prospects, you are indeed an interruption on their schedule.

You can work around this by determining the best time to call. In general, before the business hours end is the best time to call. Some studies show that Wednesday or Thursday before noon or 4-5 in the afternoon is your best bet to call.

2. This is not about you, your brand, and your company

A lot of companies fall into the trap of overselling themselves by talking too much about their product or service offerings. This is not good. When you reach out to your prospects, you must keep in mind how you can make them talk about their needs. 

You also have to consider that you need several calls before you can get a response. Persistence yet polite is the key here. Also you have to send 8 personalized emails in order to get the maximum response rate. 

3. Prepare a persuasive pitch

In cold calling service and cold emails, your ability to properly convey a persuasive pitch can make or break your strategy. Therefore, you must use well thought-out scripts when you are doing cold calling service.

In addition to that, you should refrain from copy-pasting redundant and generic emails. As this practice gives off the impression that you don’t really care about your prospect’s specific needs. 


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Benefits of Cold Email as a Complimentary Strategy For Cold Calling Service


Here are the benefits of sending cold communications like email to compliment your cold calling service.

Reach prospects where they spend more time

Inbox-monitoring takes up a large chunk of an executive’s daily routine. While you can reach them via phone, sending cold emails is effective to present your brand. As well as to introduce your solutions in a less intrusive way.

It is persistent yet effective

An email waits on your recipient and does not possess an in-your-face image. This means prospects can read them at their convenience and get back to them when they need clarifications about your offer.

Opens the avenue for networking

Cold email is perfect for brand awareness. Here you can present your brand, product or services without making it a hard sell. You can also create awareness for people in general and not only for prospects. It can also help you build rapport and connect people who might have needs for each other.

It is visually-appealing

Aside from the ability to personalize your emails, you can design it as sleek and professional to entice prospects in reading them. Of course, with properly placed pitches that convey the benefits of your product or service is a must.

Information-rich as reference

Cold email has a lot of space where you can send attachments of related information to your prospects. This could be in the form of additional links, documents, infographics, and promotional materials. This way, you can provide a lot of resources for prospects to read on and use as a reference in getting to know your business. 


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