How Do I Serve From the Heart? Let Me Show You

You’ve probably heard about the “service from the heart” line being used all too often. Regular readers of this blog may likewise recall our recent post reminding business owners like yourself that the best customer service is that which comes from the heart.

But how does one really serve “from the heart”, you ask?

Does service from the heart mean answering calls in a warm and friendly manner? Does a warm-hearted customer service call center agent respond to client queries and concerns in a timely and concise fashion? And does it mean that a call center service rep serves from the heart when he sees customers through their issues until these are completely resolved?

The answer is all these is a definitive “yes”.

But wait, there’s more.

While any telephone rep or technical support call center agent may be able to do all these, there’s a huge difference between someone who does so “from the heart” vis-à-vis an agent who does so from the paycheck. And this is the passion from what they do.

Someone who dishes out sincere, heartfelt service does so because they want to—not because they need to. You can feel it in the way they speak to you, or how they handle the task. And they often do so with a smile.

That’s the kind of service that really counts.



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