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Pros and Cons of a Script in a Lead Generation Call Center

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 7, 2024

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How Can a Script Help Your Lead Generation Call Center?

A lead generation call center is an effective way to gain more prospective customers. It widens your business’s target market, giving you more profit while maintaining the quality of your service. Most customers also appreciate proactive contact about a product.

This is so popular that it is one of the most in-demand services in the Philippines. It provides more opportunities for the BPO industry. Thus, several call center companies are continuously upgrading the quality of their lead generation agents.


Speaking of agents, several factors make a successful lead generation. The most important is the clarity of the message you want to convey. According to Microsoft, the average attention span of a customer is 8 seconds. You need to win their curiosity within that time frame, or you will have wasted opportunities.


With this in mind, your first sentence is the most important part of your message. That is why some companies prefer to have a uniform introduction or script. In this script, you will need to provide all the necessary information within a short amount of time.


Although scripts seem vital in outbound lead generation, there are also some drawbacks. Let us take a look at its pros and cons.


Advantages of a Scripted Lead Generation Call Center

Remember that these advantages work in either a long spiel or a shorter but concise product explanation.

Consistency in Branding

When your agents have a script to follow, it is easy to deliver what you need to say. A good script does a pretty amazing job of maintaining your branding. It gives you a consistent identity for your customers.


Aside from identity, branding consistency gives you a reputation. It is up to you now to make this reputation favorable to your business. All in all, creating a name for your business is easy if you have a coherent message.

Quantifiable Solutions to a Problem

When you have a script for your product, it is easier to identify the problems. You can see if customers are responding to the script you made for them. If not, you can always edit it out to make it more appealing to them.

Besides that, you can also enhance your script by getting information on which message they react to the most. You can improve the most popular service. Thus, it will make your product more prominent. Customers will also value your company as you listen to consumers’ suggestions.

Reducing the Difficulty in Training Agents

Whenever a newcomer joins your team, the challenge is training them. Explaining the call flow and the product itself is difficult. Besides that, it might take a lot of time to get your agent familiar with the product.


If you have a script, you need to explain things with minimum effort. The script allows the agents to get used to the product. They will learn more about the product they are discussing by reading it. As a result, your agents will become experts in your product in only a short time.

Increase Productivity For Your Agents

When your agents have a script to follow, it is easier to handle calls. They can close a deal immediately or make the customer think about your service. They can move on to their next prospect.


Aside from faster transactions, your agent’s closing rate will improve. Customers want to hear all the information they need within a short period. Some agents either under-explain or bombard prospects with information when they don’t have a script.


Disadvantages of a Scripted Lead Generation Call Center

Most of these disadvantages are caused by agents unfamiliar with your product or service. Although there are some remedies, scripted lead generation has some disadvantages.

Robotic Conversation

Some owners prefer that agents stick to the script. This allows them to convey the message accurately. However, agents might miss the opportunity to build rapport with customers by responding conversationally.


For example, your customer might want to discuss something else, but it is not part of the script. The agent may end up diverting the conversation into what the script should be, which can leave your customer uncomfortable. Some may feel that you are more focused on selling products than helping them at all.


You can solve this disadvantage by providing rigorous product training for your agent. This will cost you more time and resources, but it guarantees that your agent can stick to their script while talking casually with your customer.

Limited Customization of What the Agent Can Say

Your customers have different needs and personalities. The universal script won’t suffice in targeting a larger market. The agent will work within the confines of the script provided. They might be unable to help prospective clients with other things outside the script.


As a result, agents will most likely miss the opportunity to convert them into prospective buyers. The remedy for this problem is creating several scripts for different situations. Although this seems to be a lot of work, you can rest assured that you will cover every concern of your prospective clients.

Agents Might Hasten the Delivery

Some agents’ metrics are to generate a target number of prospects every day. With this in mind, they tend to hurriedly finish every conversation. This allows them to call more prospects and offer them your product. This is not good, especially if the customer feels that the only reason they are calling is to offer them something.


You can conduct communication skills training with your agent. This will help them sound natural even if they read a script and deliver the script at a moderate speed.

Agents Might Heavily Rely on the Script

Agents tend to read the script word by word, which can sometimes sound unnatural to customers. They may also become so complacent that they barely review the product. They are dependent on what the script can provide.


An adjustment you can make here is to provide a bulleted call flow instead of a full-blown script. Have your agent fill in all the information in the bullet list. This will make your agent knowledgeable about the product. Customers like to talk to people who know what they are saying.

How to Write a Script for Your Lead Generation Outbound Calling Service?

Writing scripts for your outbound call center operation can be tricky. If we caught your interest with this idea, here are some guides to follow in writing:

  • Define the Purpose of the Call

  • Create a script that will lead you directly to the management (for B2B calls)

  • Identify your customer’s degree of interest in your product

  • Determine customer’s pain points and needs

  • Elaborate the functions of your product

  • Identify the FAQs

  • Prepare short answers for those FAQs

  • Create a closing spiel related to your Product (The catchier, the better)


To summarize, it is important not to stick with the standard template when creating a script. You should create a call script that will catch your target customer’s interest. Otherwise, you will end up losing a lot of opportunities in outbound lead generation


Best Agents For Your Lead Calling Service

Your outbound script is only as good as the agent delivering it. They either make a good impression on your client or completely botched the conversation. With this in mind, here are some of the qualities of agents for lead calling services:

  • Computer Literate

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Friendly

  • Patient

  • Outstanding Work Ethics


These seem like pretty generic attributes. However, they are essential to generating more leads for your company. Make sure to deal with a company that shares your business’s core values.


Converting Leads Through Outbound Sales BPO

Generating leads is not enough if you want to gain more profit. Some customers won’t just spend money after you introduce to them your product. You need to make a follow-up by calling again and persuading them to purchase your service.


This is where outbound sales BPO is useful. It serves as a reminder that you have introduced your product and that they like what you offer. It is not advisable to “sales talk” them immediately after you mention your service. Give them time to think first before pursuing to close a sale.


With this in mind, look for a company offering lead generation and sales BPO. It is more convenient to have both in your operation, and it is easier to deal with one company than multiple businesses.


Generally speaking, Magellan Solutions is one of the best outbound call centers in the Philippines. We have a wide range of services that will suit your business operation.


Our agents are also top-notch. We conduct training to enhance their skills and prepare them for any industry. Your customers deserve the best call center experience. Contact us today for a free 60-minute consultation.

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      Pros and Cons of a Script in a Lead Generation Call Center

      Magellan Solutions

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