Top Questions About Lead Generation Call Center Answered

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about the Top Questions About Lead Generation Call Center Answered

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions about the Top Questions About Lead Generation Call Center Answered

Internet’s Most Searched Questions About Lead Generation Call Center Answered


Lead generation call center helps in maintaining the businesses customer pipeline. As customer retention and excellent marketing strategy are a great foundation of successful business. No matter what industry you are in, you can gain great benefits from lead generation campaign call centers


What Is a Lead Generation Call Center?


This is a type of call center who is focused on generating leads for your business. In the marketing context, a “lead” is a people who interact with your business or brand. Their touch points could be via search engines like Google, social media like Facebook, your company website, surveys, an inbound call, or someone who has spoken with a cold caller. 

The first step to every sales process is lead generation. However, this is quite a tedious and time consuming task. Which you wouldn’t want to subject your in-house sales team. You must prefer them to close deals instead of chasing after prospect clients. 

Lead generation is divided into two. The B2C Lead Generation and the B2B Lead Generation. The process for these two does not vary in techniques. 

B2C is where you are directly talking to a customer who has the potential to avail your products or services. 

While for the B2B side, you are talking to another business’ key people or decision-makers to make them your client. 

This is where strategic lead generation campaign come into play. Your outsourced lead management call center will keep your sales pipeline full with leads that are interested in your business. 


How Does B2B Lead Generation Call Center Functions? 


For the B2B lead generation call center, it takes a certain mindset and communication style to effectively connect with a business. This means your outsourced lead generation call center staff can converse intelligently with primary decision-makers. 

This means they can manifest your brand voice and be consistent with your company culture and ethics. Also they can seamlessly integrate their processes to your business for smooth flow of leads your in-house team will process. Also they can provide you with important information that can give you vital insight to align your marketing strategy with the right business or people you wish to cater with. 

What are the B2B Lead Generation Call Center Services?

  • Email Support
  • Directory Assistance
  • Market Research
  • Demand Generation
  • Performance Analytics
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy

Remember that your outsourced lead management call center has industry experience to deliver quality leads for your business. But how do they function?


Your partner has the proper way to recruit people to suit your needs. These staff are knowledgeable with your industry, how to market effectively, have the right mindset and the basic phone etiquette. 

Also your outsourced partner provides proper coaching to resonate your brand voice to the prospects their staff are calling. 

Communication barriers are not a hindrance. Especially if you partner with a lead generation call center in the Philippines. As Filipino agents have the best English-fluency compared to other outsourcing destinations in Asia. Plus factor is the neutral accent the country is known for and the cultural affinity with the west. 


Your outsourced B2B lead generation call center can target your provided business persona. Business persona is your ideal customer or business that is interested in your service or products. This may sound challenging for small to medium enterprises who are yet to identify their business persona. 

Good thing with your outsourced lead management call center, they can create a target business persona for you. Of course they can do this with your proper guidance and how your business functions.

They can contact hundreds of leads for you. However, a qualified lead would be the results they will deliver to your sales people. Qualified leads are the customers or businesses who have the most probability to avail your service or product. Now it is all up to your in-house sales team to close the deal. 


BPO companies who offer lead generation services use sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tools. This is for them to record the lead’s concerns and their needs. This bundle of information will be provided to your business’ sales person. Giving them the edge and proper insight so they can successfully close the sales process. 

Commonly Used CRM Tools

  • HubSpot
  • Pardot
  • SharpSpring
  • Contactually
  • Keap
  • Marketo
  • Nimble
  • OnePageCRM

Commonly Used Sales Lead Generation Tools

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot Sales
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Pipedrive


What are the Advantages of Lead Generation Campaign Call Center?

Using this, you separate your business from the traditional marketing or passive approach most businesses do. But what are the advantages you can get?

Focused Sales Team

Your outsourced lead generation call center serves as a buffer to filter out customers or decision-makers who will avail your product or service. They deliver qualified leads which your sales team can focus on. Thus they can zoom in on the success of the sales process. No wasted time making cold calls.  

Increased Sales

As your sales team focused on qualified leads, this could return a higher number of sales. Also, your outsourced lead generation call center staff can use a variety of cross-selling and upselling to create direct sales. Thus increased in your revenue. 

Information Driven Approach

Lead generation collects customer information and marker insight. Using this information, they can create targeted sales and a proactive approach to your consumers. This sets it apart from other traditional advertisements and sales-generating approaches. 

Better Marketing Strategy

The insight your outsourced lead management call center provides is valuable for your marketing strategy. This way you would know whether your marketing or advertising campaign is targeting your right audience, effectively. Therefore you can adjust in accordance with this real information.  

Flexible Market Insight

One of the best features of lead generation call center is this can be individualized, tweaked, and transitioned. This means you can adjust your strategies based on real time information. These are metrics, success rates, and new market information. Changes are possible to optimize and improve results. 

Cost Saving

The trouble when doing this technique in-house is it is quite expensive, especially in the USA and the UK. This is because of the higher demands in wages. Plus the recruitment, office equipment, software you have to spend on. But when you outsource lead generation call center, you free yourself from all of this hassle. 

Your chosen outsourcing provider can deliver your needs at a fraction of the price. Talents and necessary tools guaranteed to provide quality leads for you.

Also you can cut down on costs for your advertising campaign meant for a broader audience. As you can zoom in on effective messaging to your business persona which can translate into higher ROI. 


Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation Call Center Know How


In a small to medium enterprises’ point of view, outsourcing could be intimidating. This is understandable especially if you are a first timer to do this business strategy. You can use this handful guide to make outsourcing lead generation a breeze for you.

  • Industry Knowledge Is A Must

When you outsource in the Philippines, a simple search on the internet will ping you back thousands of BPO companies who offer lead generation services. The key here is to shortlist the companies who have industry knowledge of your business. You can start with their familiarity of the ins and outs of your websites, products you sell and the categories they belong to. 

Also their knowledge of the market landscape is a plus. Another good thing is if they know how you stand out from your competitors. 

  • Content Marketing Knowledge

Your chosen lead generation service provider must have staff that has a little bit knowledge about content marketing and SEO. This is necessary if one of your desired services include public postings. This knowledge means they can be precise enough to attract the right people to your business. Also their awareness on how people browse exclusive content and how it appeals to your audience is another factor to consider. 

  • Email Creation that Attract Potential Buyers

Best practice of lead generation is to make use of the information you are getting from your consumers. Therefore someone who knows crafting an email for high converting rates is a must. Keep in mind that these emails are read by high level executives. Thus it should be done with care and deliberately. 

  • Inbound Marketing

The beauty of lead generation call center is the ability for a follow up. This means all channels your customer might use are covered. Inbound marketing strategy is a good way to keep the interest alive for your customers. Also this gives them a sense of urgency on your part to cater to their needs.  

  • Outbound Marketing

Your lead generation call center agents must have the ability to come up with strategies to attract your potential buyers. Revisions of copy, email subject lines, and outbound messages should be possible. At the same time, brand voice and business consistency must be upheld all the time. 


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