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The Back-Up Plan

Have you ever called up a customer call center to inquire about a new service, only to wait for what seems to be an eternity? Or have you made a reservation on a company’s website or voice mail service, yet never got a reply? While such scenes seem fictional, the sad reality is that they do happen.

Today’s fast paced world has given rise to new and innovative ways of keeping in touch. May companies employ various communication tools such as voice mail services, live chat, contact forms, and even call centers with cheery sales reps taking calls.

Behind all the tech and friendly agents, however, lies a glaring flaw—the lack of customer support (with due emphasis on “support”).

Business owners, whether large or small, need to remember that customers need to feel that their company is sensitive to their needs and wants. One way of doing so is by backing up your various service tools.

If your business uses online registration forms, it would be best to check these regularly for incoming messages/requests/inquiries or more importantly, your agents must respond to these queries via email. Even better, calling up the client would make a world of difference. Letting the customers hear a live human voice assures them that their orders or requests have been processed. This somehow makes them feel safer, especially if they had to make online payments.

So why not employ that Back-Up Plan today? It might just be your best front-end move.