Fb Pixel The Importance Of Highly-Accurate Shop Drawings To The Structural Engineering Industry (And The Compelling Reasons Why You Should Outsource It) -

The Importance Of Highly-Accurate Shop Drawings To The Structural Engineering Industry (And The Compelling Reasons Why You Should Outsource It)

The Importance Of Highly-Accurate Shop Drawings To The Structural Engineering Industry (And The Compelling Reasons Why You Should Outsource It)

The-Importance-Of-Highly-Accurate-Shop-Drawings-To-The-Structural-Engineering-Industry-(And-The-Compelling-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Outsource-It)When it comes to engineering, it is very important to make sure that everything works. Engineers need to guarantee that whatever they are building, may it be bridges, roads, or buildings, they need to be very accurate with every corner, specifications, and measurement. This is why shop drawings exist.

According to Pietroforte’s 1997 book “Construction Management & Economics”, shop drawing is “a drawing or set of drawings produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor, or fabricator.” It is mostly used to prefabricate elevators, windows, trusses, cabinets, pre-cast concrete, appliances, structural steel, millwork, and air handling units.

Structural engineers are always checking the stability, firmness, and potency of built structures for buildings. It is very important for them that shop drawings are accurate because this is where they base the nooks and crannies of the building they will work on. Everything about the design of the building or any other structure is in it. Once a shop drawing is made, the engineers will check the accuracy of its piping, electrical, plumbing, ductwork, and fire protection for safety and other purposes.


Undeniable reasons why you should outsource shop drawing services

Outsourcing gives you access to better technology

As the technology advanced, shop drawings are mostly created by computers. CAD or computer aided designs are widely used by engineers for their shop drawings. For startups and small engineering firms that want fast action, outsourcing shop drawings and CAD is perfect for them. Outsourced companies usually have the best technology to boost their engineering services.

Through that, your company doesn’t have to worry about errors that might occur. Everything will sail smoothly because of the high technology they offer. Most of the time, drawings are printed so every lines should be clear, a good draftsman and software will be able to take care of that. It is also faster since it uses computer program.

Outsourcing shop drawings can provide top-notch engineers

They also have top notch employees who are licensed engineers with years of experience in the said field. Because of that, streamlining the work is easy. With their experience, they would know things that fresh graduates usually do not. They can also work faster and better than most inexperienced employees.  They would also know how to do things without thoroughly explaining it to them.

Outsourcing is always cheaper

It has become a universal knowledge that outsourcing is much cheaper than hiring in-house employees. Hiring a full-time, experienced engineer that will be very difficult plus their salary demand will be high. Unlike with outsourcing you do not have to worry about those things. The outsourced company will take care of it all.

It is the same with the office expenses. When you want an accurate shop drawing, having the latest and best software is important. However, software is also expensive. But when you outsource, you do not have to buy those software because the service provider will provide it.


Hiring the right BPO company

For engineering firms, accuracy is a vital point they always have to check, especially for startups and small firms that are making name for themselves. They have to find the right BPO company that can give their demand right away.

If you are looking for a BPO company that provides shop drawing and CAD services, you may contact us!


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