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Scared To Outsource Offshore Transcription Services? Here Are Some Proof That Your Data Is Secured

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on April 8, 2024

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It’s perfectly understandable why so many high-level business executives fear sending some of their operations to offshore locations. In their minds, working with a foreign, third-party company exposes their business to more risks and heightened vulnerabilities that they wouldn’t have to deal with if they are working strictly within the borders of their business’ area of operation.

We cannot deny that outsourcing is a divisive topic, and offshore outsourcing elevates that tendency for disagreements all the more. For many business owners who are new to outsourcing, especially to offshore locations, the fact that it’s the foreigners who will do a job for them makes them uncomfortable.

Offshore transcription services are among the most intensely debated, with data privacy and security issues at the forefront of the arguments against this strategy.

But we also know that sometimes, the fear of the unknown is all there is that prevents us from trying out new things, whether that be in our personal or professional lives. In the case of offshore transcription services, and offshore outsourcing in general, so many business owners are dissuaded from even considering these options due to rumors and outsourcing horror stories heard through the grapevine, but without any solid shred of evidence.  

So to dispel your fears and clear these rumors once and for all, we present to you the solid facts proving offshore transcription is a safe and secure strategy for your business:


  1. Consistently strong market demand This alone is very strong evidence that offshore transcription services are not a business-suicide strategy as some may believe. If offshore transcription is truly an insecure and unsafe option for businesses, then why does the demand for transcriptionists in preferred outsourcing locations such as India and the Philippines growing? How come many BPOs located in these two countries alone are still offering transcription services to their clients.? It simply does not make sense for the companies in these countries to still offer this kind of service if there is no market demand for it. If any client had a negative experience regarding their offshore transcription service, BPO companies in the said locations would not be offering this service anymore, and they may not even be existing anymore! But the consistent growth of BPOs particularly in the Philippines proves that offshore transcription is truly a practical, cost-effective, and most importantly, safe strategy your business can consider.
  2. A growing list of satisfied clients This further reinforces the abovementioned point. Though some claim that offshore transcription services are of poor quality, some assert otherwise. One of these is Leo Waivers, an internist from Greenville, who said his dictation transcribed by Indians had no “perceptible change in quality.” Christopher Foley, CEO and founder of the global medical transcription and technology services company Clinical Documentation Integrity LLC agrees with Waivers, stating that “most transcription companies are well suited and highly capable of producing high-quality and timely work even with the most demanding requirements.” These all prove that not only is offshore transcription safe, but it is also cost-effective without quality compromise.
  3. Virtually no incidence of data leaks If there had been a single instance of an offshore transcription service that went awry, it would have been all over the news. Considering the vast number of companies that choose offshore transcription services, any data security breach would have made it to the headlines. But there is no single, published news of an actual offshore transcription service provider that succeeded in leaking their clients’ confidential information.  As Rita Terdiman, the VP and research director of Gartner said way back in 2004, “US companies have been outsourcing for 20 years and no one was screaming there were security issues.”

It would still be wise for you to follow the experts’ advice regarding offshore transcription, and offshore outsourcing services in general: invest the time to investigate whether your offshore provider’s security protocols are equivalent to yours, or even better. Scrutinize every little detail they have about their technology – network, servers, software and hardware, everything! Only when you are satisfied with their data security policies should you consider moving forward.

Have peace of mind by outsourcing your transcription services to a legitimate, reliable, and professional BPO! Contact us now!

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    Scared To Outsource Offshore Transcription Services? Here Are Some Proof That Your Data Is Secured

    Magellan Solutions

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