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To Voice or Non-Voice? That is the Question

Every day, we are asked to make numerous decisions. These choices range from the seemingly trivial “what shall I eat for breakfast?” dilemma, to things like “should I ask her to marry me?” life-changing kind. Either way, a choice must be made, lest we get stuck in the endless crossroads of life.

As if choosing whether to stay in bed or to get up and make something of your life isn’t hard enough (especially on a cold day), there are more decisions to be made at work. One of these choices is whether to go for voice or non-voice customer contact center services.

As a business owner, choosing what’s right for your biz is crucial as it can spell the difference between reaching new heights and plummeting down to the ground. But how will you know what an outsourced customer service is right for your company?

If your business involves a lot of customer interaction, such as customer care-related activities, sales and marketing, and the like, then why not consider customer call center voice services. Services offered allow you to either call up clients to sell your wares or check up on their needs, among others. Or, you can open up your outsource contact center phone lines to them—for inquires, issue resolution, product information and the like.

Then there’s the non-voice channels (like BPO) that don’t necessarily deal directly with customers, yet still have their best interest with every job order. This can be a live chat which appears on your web site or email communications for any issues that make it to your inbox every day.

Decisions, decisions. The choice is yours to make.

Magellan Solutions
Magellan Solutions
Magellan Solutions is a Filipino-owned outsourcing company. It provides inbound and outbound contact center services as well as other business process outsourcing (BPO) services that cover finance and accounting, healthcare, sales and marketing, engineering, architecture, design, data management, human resources, legal, and IT. Combining years of experience; unrivaled expertise; and capabilities across industries and business functions, Magellan Solutions bring optimum approaches to strategies of business operations by delivering customizable BPO and customer management solutions to any type and any size of business.