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This is Why You Should Outsource Administrative Tasks in 2024
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Upgrade Your Lobby: Explore Digital Reception Services

By Lorraine O.

Updated on July 15, 2024

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Your lobby is the first thing visitors see when they enter your business. It’s not just a place to wait—it’s where people start forming their first impressions about what you can offer. Imagine walking in a dull, outdated lobby can feel like stepping back in time. Would you believe 40% of prospective customers may judge your business based on your lobby alone?

But here’s the good news: You can quickly transform your lobby into a modern, welcoming space that leaves a lasting positive impression. One of the most effective ways to do this is by implementing Digital Reception Services.

Digital Reception Services offers a cutting-edge solution to upgrade your lobby experience. These systems use technology to streamline visitor check-ins, provide information, and create an engaging atmosphere. With digital displays, interactive kiosks, and automated processes, you can turn your lobby into a showcase of your company’s innovation and commitment to customer service. 


Why Use Digital Reception Services?

Here are some significant reasons to use digital reception services:

1. Enhanced Visitor Experience 

Having digital reception services can make your lobby look professional and up-to-date. It may lead to a positive first impression for your guests. 

  • Offer multiple convenient check-in options, from pre-registration to self-service kiosks, eliminating wait times and frustration.
  • Personalize the experience with digital screens where you can show information about your company, messages to welcome visitors or pictures of your workplace. Through digital screens, visitors are guided seamlessly, creating a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Increase transparency with real-time wait times, keeping visitors informed, and managing expectations.

2. Improved Operational Efficiency

Digital reception services make your operations run smoother, freeing up your staff’s time and giving you valuable insights to make better decisions. Here’s how:

  • No more spending time on repetitive tasks like sign-in and badge printing. The digital system takes care of it, allowing your staff to focus on more important things, like welcoming visitors and answering questions.
  • Get insights into visitor patterns, like busy times and which days have the most traffic. This information helps you run the lobby efficiently by scheduling staff accordingly, ensuring you have the right number of people on hand when needed.
  • Digital systems automatically generate reports on who visited and when. This saves time, reduces paperwork, and makes record-keeping organized.

3. Elevated Security and Compliance

Digital reception systems make your business more secure and ensure compliance with regulations.

  • Entryways may be integrated with access control systems so only authorized visitors can enter with a code or badge.
  • Implement visitor screening, including ID verification, for added security and peace of mind.

4. Brand Image and Professionalism

Digital reception systems create a modern and polished look that reflects your company culture.

  • Keep visitors informed with company announcements, news updates, or marketing materials. This consistent communication ensures everyone receives the same professional treatment and fosters a sense of transparency.
  • Customize the digital signage with your company logo and branding elements, reinforcing brand recognition.

5. Environmental Responsibility

Adopting digital reception services aligns with sustainability goals:

  • Significantly reduce paper usage associated with traditional sign-in methods and temporary badges.
  • Lower energy consumption compared to traditional reception setups with multiple devices always running.
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, which can resonate with environmentally conscious clients and partners.

Embracing digital reception services is not just about modernizing a single aspect of your business but about adapting a holistic approach to innovation, efficiency, and customer-centricity. It represents a shift in thinking about leveraging technology to create more meaningful human experiences and drive organizational growth.


Different Types of Digital Reception Services

There are many kinds of digital reception services. You can choose the ones that work best for your operations. Here are some of the most common and effective digital reception services:

1. Digital Signage

Large screens or displays in your lobby can serve multiple purposes. They can show company information, welcome messages, news updates, or interactive maps. Digital signage creates a modern first impression and can keep visitors engaged while they wait.

2. Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management Systems (VMS) are comprehensive software solutions that manage the entire visitor experience from start to finish. These systems typically include features like

  • Pre-registration for expected visitors
  • Visitor badge printing
  • Digital document signing
  • Visitor photo capture for security purposes

3. Virtual Receptionist Apps

Virtual receptionists offer a blend of digital efficiency and human touch. These are typically tablet-based applications that greet visitors and guide them through check-in. They can collect visitor information, notify employees of arrivals, and provide basic wayfinding assistance.

Virtual receptionists can handle various tasks, from check-ins to answering questions, making them an excellent option for businesses that value human interaction but want to reduce overhead costs.

4. Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are standalone touchscreen devices placed in reception areas, allowing visitors to check in independently. These kiosks often feature the ability to print badges, capture photos for security purposes, and notify hosts of a visitor’s arrival. These are particularly useful for high-traffic areas looking to streamline their reception process.

5. Queue Management Systems

In busy reception areas, digital queue management systems can organize visitor flow, provide estimated wait times, and even allow virtual queuing where visitors can leave and return when it’s their turn.

6. Mobile Check-In App

Mobile check-in apps allow guests to complete their check-in process before arriving at the premises. These apps typically enable visitors to fill out required forms, answer security questions, and provide the necessary information from the comfort of their device, saving time and reducing congestion in reception areas. 

Once the pre-check-in is complete, the app generates a unique digital pass, often in the form of a QR code or barcode, which can be easily scanned upon arrival for quick verification. Additionally, these apps leverage real-time notifications to inform visitors and hosts about check-in status, wait times, or any last-minute changes, ensuring a smooth and coordinated visit from start to finish.

7. Biometric Check-In Systems

Biometric check-in systems represent a significant advancement in visitor management technology. These systems use unique physical characteristics to identify and authenticate individuals. Here are the different types of biometric check-in systems commonly used:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Iris Scanning
  • Voice Recognition
  • Palm Vein Scanning


By combining these different digital reception services, organizations can create a modern, efficient, and welcoming entrance experience tailored to their specific needs and visitor traffic patterns.

Explore Digital Reception Services

Challenges Implementing Digital Reception Services

Here are the common problems companies face when setting up digital reception systems:

Cost concerns. The initial investment for digital reception systems can be high. This includes buying hardware and software licenses and possibly upgrading existing infrastructure.

Technical Issues. Digital reception systems can experience glitches, crashes, or connectivity problems like any technology. These can disrupt the reception process and frustrate visitors. One of the advantages of contracting a third-party outsourcing partner like Magellan Solutions is that they can promptly provide immediate assistance to address technical issues.

In a statement from Magellan Solutions’ CEO Fred Chua, “For accessing our technical support, we offer several channels to ensure convenience and efficiency. This includes toll-free numbers, click-to-call functions, SMS, chat, email, and social media interactions. Our goal is to be flexible and responsive, aligning with the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.”

Learning curve. Staff and visitors need time to learn how to use new systems. This can lead to temporary inefficiencies or confusion during the transition period.

Integration difficulties. New digital systems may need to work with existing software or security systems. It can be challenging to make these different systems work together smoothly.

Data security and privacy. Digital systems collect and store visitor information. Ensuring this data is secure and complies with privacy laws can be complex and requires ongoing attention.

Power or internet dependency. Most digital reception services rely on electricity and internet connectivity. Power outages or internet downtime can disrupt these systems.

Maintaining a personal touch: While efficient, digital systems can feel impersonal. Finding ways to keep your reception area welcoming can be tricky.

Ongoing maintenance and updates. Digital systems need regular software updates and occasional hardware replacements. This requires ongoing time, effort, and cost.

Understanding these challenges can help businesses plan better when implementing digital reception services.


How to Start Using Digital Reception Services

Changing to digital reception services doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some steps to think about:

1. Figure Out What You Need

Look at how your lobby works now and consider what could be better. Examine your current reception process closely. Are there long wait times? Do visitors often get lost? Is your staff overwhelmed with check-ins? Identify these pain points and consider how digital solutions could address them. For example, a digital wayfinding system might be beneficial if visitors frequently ask for directions.

The cost you’re willing to invest also determines your business needs. In addition to the start-up capital, maintenance, and potential upgrades should be considered. 

2. Look at Different Options

Learn about different digital reception services. Compare what they can do, how much they cost, and how easy they are to use—research various digital reception systems available in the market. 

Consider features, pricing models (one-time purchase vs. subscription), and user-friendliness. Look for case studies or reviews from businesses similar to yours. Don’t forget to check if these systems can integrate with your existing technology.

3. Try It Out

You might want to start using just a few digital services to see how well they work before changing everything. Begin with a pilot program. Choose one or two key features, like digital check-in or visitor badge printing, and implement them on a small scale. 

This allows you to test the system’s effectiveness and gather feedback from staff and visitors without committing to an entire overhaul. Use this trial period to identify any issues and assess the impact on your reception process.

4. Train Your Workers

Make sure your workers know how to use the new digital systems. This will help you get the most benefit from them. Develop a comprehensive training program for your staff. This should cover not only how to use the new system but also how to troubleshoot common issues. Consider creating user manuals or quick reference guides. 

Regular training sessions can help staff stay updated on new features and ensure they’re comfortable with the technology. Remember, well-trained staff can also make the transition smoother for visitors.

5. Choose a Reliable Vendor

Selecting a vendor for your digital reception services is as important as choosing the proper digital reception. These digital technologies are expensive, so looking for vendors with a good reputation is a significant factor in implementing these systems. Reliable indicators include awards, industry certificates, and positive reviews from previous clients.

Some vendors are only good at selling their services but fail in the after-sales service. As a business new to these technologies, it’s essential to have support during the initial installation phase to ensure successful implementation, especially since technical issues may arise after implementation.

6. Gather and Act on Feedback

After implementing your digital reception services, gathering feedback from visitors and staff is the only way to know if it is successful. Set up a system to collect input through surveys, suggestion boxes, or direct conversations. Pay attention to how the new technology affects visitor satisfaction, staff efficiency, and overall operations. 

Use this feedback to make necessary adjustments, whether tweaking settings, adding new features, or providing additional training. Integrating digital reception services aims to improve the reception experience constantly, so be prepared to act on upgrading or omitting digital solutions based on the feedback gathered.


Ready to Transform Your Lobby Experience?

Don’t let outdated reception practices hold your business back. Magellan Solutions can help you build cutting-edge digital reception services tailored to your needs. Our expert team will guide you through:

  • Assessing your current lobby setup
  • Choosing the right digital tools for your business
  • Implementing a cost-effective solution
  • Training your staff for a smooth transition

Take the first step towards a more efficient, professional, and impressive lobby today.  Contact Magellan Solutions for a free consultation and discover how we can help you create a digital reception experience that will wow your visitors and streamline your operations.


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      Upgrade Your Lobby: Explore Digital Reception Services

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