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Data Entry Services

There is a growing demand for data entry services due to exploding data. Data processing takes a long time, as delays might adversely affect revenues and customer loyalty. Quick and timely execution is the key for this because an accurate and proficient yet economical data entry operations can drive business performance. To keep up with the demands, many organizations turn to outsource data entry.

Our cost-effective data entry services rely on professional college-educated workers who are 100% fluent in using the English language. We cater to businesses who are looking for a small team of at least three to 100 data entry specialists.

Magellan Solutions specializes in providing accurate data entry projects using different types of format such as typed documents, handwritten originals, and scanned images.

  1. Online data entry
  2. Scanning
  3. Indexing
  4. Order processing
  5. Abstracting
  6. Data extraction, analysis, and tabulation
  7. Volume entry (handwritten or printed)
  8. E-books publishing
  9. Catalog conversion
  10. Medical and insurance claims (HIPAA compliant)
  11. PDF conversion
  12. Research coding

Magellan Solutions assure organizations that plan to outsource data entry services to deliver quality output by following a strategic service plan. Our methods are top-rated, using an advanced technology which allows superior levels of data accuracy, quality, and immediate turnaround. The company can also deal with the client’s needs for document and data security and privacy. Our centralized, secured, and strongly controlled computing environment guarantees that all data and source documents remain protected.

Our Quality Control Standards

– All documents remain secure, in compliance with Magellan’s ISO standards
– As soon as files are converted, a digital copy is kept and stored in an optical disc.

There are numerous data entry service providers that can offer affordable, quick, and precise quality work. But what makes Magellan Solutions stand out is its awareness, versatility, and professionalism. It is likewise capable of creating new processes to resolve a client’s problem. Teamwork is one of its core values, which is why it can work closely with clients to take on revolutionary solutions. Magellan Solutions’ broad Philippine-based workforce consists of skilled data entry specialists have been in the business for several years.

Most previous clients depend on Magellan’s extreme domain proficiency and the quality of work, so it can get results from outsourcing data entry services constantly. The data entry staff has definitely gone beyond each significant performance marker in spite of how tough they are classified. Magellan Solution’s quality of work is also profitable with the help of combining work efficiency with modified technologies.

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