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What is 1-800 answering service?

1-800 answering services are a phone answering service offered by call center companies. When using the code 1-800, your customer’s call will be sent directly to your outsourced company where the agents will attend to your customer’s needs for you.

How do 1-800 numbers work?

By adding the code 1-800, the connection will be redirected from your main company phone line to the call center company you outsourced. This allows your company to have more time to focus on your core activities instead of spending your day staying on the phone.

Who needs a 1 800 answering service?

Businesses both big and small need the 1-800 answering services. Outsourcing on this service would maximize your company’s output by allowing you and your team to put your undivided attention to the important matters of your business.

How is a toll-free number helpful for a small business?

Toll-free numbers allow long-distance calls without the usual extra charges. This feature allows small businesses to attract overseas business prospects. Without the need to pay for the long-distance extra charges, international clients will be enticed to avail of your services.

How to get a 1 800 answering service?

To acquire 1-800 answering services, you first need to find an answering service provider who has an impressive track record and offers a competitive pricing range. If you are interested to get this answering service, you might want to try sending an inquiry to Magellan Solutions.

1800 Number Answering Service for SMEs

Outsourcing on 1-800 number answering services can help you run your business smoothly especially when put in the hands of a competent service provider. Magellan Solutions is a reliable call center company that has been in this industry for 15 years now. We continue to give services 24/7, and we make sure our customers receive nothing short of the best quality service.


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