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Are your customers looking for the quickest way to get the answers? Do you need to improve customer service through alternative but popular platforms? Magellan Solutions Outsourcing in the Philippines offers confident college-educated live chat support agents in English (multilingual support are also available upon request). This is one of the company’s most cost-effective service for SMEs around the globe.

Live chat support is a process wherein a representative respond to visitors’ questions in real time as they browse through your website. Whenever a customer enters the website or visits a page, a pop-up window appears to let them know that a live agent is available for chat sessions. It lets visitors gather information and make judgement calls as they take your products or services into consideration.

Live chat support may be a software-enabled feature on your website or it can be a separate page or website altogether. As a business process, it yields the following benefits:

a. Quick response time

It does away with traditional methods through which customers ask for information, wherein they have to call the company’s hotline or send an email then wait for a response. With live chat support, there are no delays. The channel is open 24/7, which means that customers can make queries whenever it is convenient for them. The quick response time that live chat support affords your business also gives you an edge over other companies that rely on traditional customer support channels.

b. Potential for higher sales rate

Since live chat support helps customers make decisions faster, they won’t have to consider alternative options or other brands. It makes it easier for them to buy your product. This can help increase sales and expand profit margins.

c. Improved customer experience

Customers can get the information they want on the spot. They won’t have to transfer to other channels just to get a hold of your representatives. This improves their experience with your brand, making it more likely for them to return for more transactions in the future.

d. Personal approach

The primary advantage that live chat support has over other means of communication, such as calls, email and voice mail, is that it allows you to take a personal and more human approach to customers’ queries. Chat sessions also have a more casual vibe, which is less stifling for customers who aren’t used to speaking with agents.

You can make live chat support work for your businesses by using the right software and making sure that your agents are well-trained. You must also have a clear understanding of what makes it different from other customer support channels. Try to determine how it can augment your customer support desk instead of just having it as a redundancy to your existing channels. You also need to know how you can leverage it for your business goals, whether you intend to strengthen customer retention or increase sales.

Magellan Solutions is one of the top contact centers in the Philippines who have been offering live chat support to businesses. Businesses go to Magellan because for its track record in providing inbound call center solutions, including non-voice solutions such as web chat.

Outsourcing live chat support to Magellan Solutions is seamless and you will be backed by a call center and BPO company with ten years experience and serving over 50 clients in multiple time zones.

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