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Outsource Your Telesales with Us!

Telesales (or telemarketing) is an important business process that is accomplished to create interest in the products and services that companies offer. Also, it is used to supply information to consumers regarding the merchandise or service being offered. Telephone selling can be also used to identify or generate business opportunities and determine customer response, review or feedback to your products and services. Basically, it is maximized to generate leads that would eventually lead to sales, schedule appointments with potential clients, and to strengthen customer retention.

Telesales is an essential service process that you use to promote and sell your products and services to consumers directly over the telephone. With this service, no extra contact is necessary since the whole selling method which includes payment transaction, can be accomplished in just a single telephone call or conversation. Nowadays, this business process can be outsourced to the advantage of business organizations. There are key benefits when companies outsource telesales services, such as:

  •  Costs for the marketing campaign are reduced significantly
  •  Get further praises than complaints from possible customers
  •  Consistency. It enables organizations to create effective sale leads and new business opportunities consistently without having to worry and depend on individual team members
  •  Increase business productivity by concentrating on your core competency.
  • Get talented and skilled workforce or team without having to source
  •  Outsourced call center companies and providers provide comprehensive call results to you on a daily basis

Magellan Solutions has the extensive experience in telesales or direct selling for products and services alike in a wide range of sectors worldwide. As one of Philippines’ leading outbound call center services companies, we offer nothing but the most outstanding telemarketing campaigns suited for any business along with our team of professional telemarketers. We work intimately with our clients to provide the quality and efficient solutions for your business needs, telesales in particular. Our wide range of offshore telesales services include:

Magellan Solutions consistently finds a way on how you can reach out to your customers’ requirements. Our company will also provide a strategic approach for your company to deal with your customers’ issues and develop customer relationships.

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