Fact Number 1: Customers never liked a voicemail attending to them.

A recent survey on telecommunication revealed that 80% of potential customers refuse to leave their message on the business’ voicemail. These people have a good reason why they took the time to place a call. They need immediate response to their need, and by directly talking to a representative, they get this task done.

If customers decline to leave a message to an automated voice machine, they will take that request elsewhere – to another business that is readily available for them.

That is the reason telephone answering services should be a major component in the business. Whether it is set up in-house or outsourced, a representative can put the most important calls through immediately.

Fact Number 2: Small business owners use their personal mobile phone to answer business calls, according to the same telecommunication survey.

A live answering service should be part of your company, regardless how small or how huge it can be. You continue bringing in more businesses even when you are not available to answer the phone. Inbound call centers today can customize their services according to business requirements. Small-sized entrepreneurs are often intimidated with the minimum number of agents these providers require to set up the service for them. Not true. There are call center companies that offer flexibility by assigning one or two highly trained representatives to look after your incoming calls.

The success of any business begins when it strives for increased productivity and enhanced image. Companies these days cannot afford to lose customers. Every call placed by a potential client opens up a new opportunity that can make the cash register ring.