Internet Telephone Answering Service

Many of the online users today prefer getting in touch with brands with just a click away. Take your customer service to great heights through outsourcing internet telephone answering service. Explore our solutions for you.


What Is An Internet Telephone Answering Service?

It is a call center service that allows customers to talk to brands using their handheld devices. This service provides a combination of both the clear call quality of a landline phone and mobility using modern communication applications. It is available through video, phone, email, social media, or live chat.


Why Should You Outsource This Service?

Most consumers today spend a significant amount of time online. Outsourcing an internet phone answering service lets you cope with current tech trends. It helps you with the following aspects:

  • Provide effective customer care
  • Build your team of skilled and properly trained agents
  • Reduce costs; outsourcing costs cheaper compared to the service of an in-house receptionist
  • Being available to customers 24/7, even during weekends or holidays
  • Give you more time to focus on your core tasks
  • Increase CSAT scores and strengthen customer relationships


Improve Business Growth Via Internet Telephone Answering Service

By providing effective 24-hour support, you can attract and retain more customers. Always keep in mind that producing excellent products or services is never enough to capture the hearts of your prospects.


How To Find A Call Center For Your Business?

There are essential factors to consider, especially that the call center will become your business’ front liners.

  • The call center has to be in the market for many years to prove that they are trustworthy and dependable
  • Look into their history in handling related services
  • HIPAA and ISO 27001 compliant to ensure that your business trade secrets will remain confidential
  • Should have competitive pricing structure

Look at the value. Don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing to onshore or offshore locations. At Magellan, we pay our agents with current labor market rates. Our agents are fluent in English (and other languages) and topnotch customer service skills.


Outsource Your Internet Telephone Answering Service

At Magellan Solutions, we offer personalized internet telephone answering service that will suit your business needs. We are HIPAA and ISO 27001 compliant to assure you that we only provide high quality internet telephone answering service.

We cater to the following industries:

  • Law firms
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Limousine and car rentals
  • Accounting firms and banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Hospitality
  • Media and communications
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Mobile App Companies

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