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15 Tips When Hiring Virtual Assistants From The Philippines

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 7, 2024

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Many entrepreneurs recognize virtual assistants from the Philippines as essential to their business’ success. Hardworking Filipino virtual assistants have proven their ability to perform many tasks, ranging from the most simple, such as data entry, to the most complex, such as industry research, sales, and analysis. Without these virtual assistants, many of today’s successful entrepreneurs would not be where they are now.

Before you hire virtual assistants from the Philippines, read and apply the following tips for a happy and effective partnership:

1. Clearly understand why you hire virtual assistants from the Philippines in the first place.

Knowing what your Filipino virtual assistants must do for you and why helps you become a more effective employer by monitoring their performance and spot areas for improvement.

2. Educate yourself about the Filipino culture and the Philippines.

A basic understanding of the Filipino people, their cultural practices, and their quirks makes it easier for you to establish rapport with your virtual assistants, contributing to a better working relationship.

3. Consider looking into multiple sources of Filipino virtual assistants.

Freelance websites and outsourcing companies provide access to Filipino VAs. Instead of limiting yourself to one platform, consider many to broaden your search for the right people.

4. Conduct a thorough interview of your selected candidates.

Interview as if they are candidates for your business’s COO position. It would be ideal if you interviewed them through Skype or video chat so you can see how they communicate in person.

5. Ask for their virtual assistant experience and recommendations, if any.

Previous VA experience is desirable, but it’s best if someone else can vouch for their services.

6. Hire them based primarily on the level of the skills that you need.

You must hire someone ideal for the VA role who is capable of the tasks you will require of him or her.

7. Consider also their personality and work style.

Skills are critical, but they should not ignore their work personality and values. Remember you will be dealing with this person daily, so it would be better if your work styles complement each other.

8. Test their professional capabilities by requesting a sample test job.

Ask them to complete a task to assess their skills better before you hire them. Steer clear of VA candidates unwilling to perform a test job.

9. Set your expectations before you officially begin working together.

Start on the right foot by clearly communicating what you expect of your VA for the duration of your agreement.

10. Always check that you are on the same page.

While most Filipinos have impeccable English communication and comprehension skills, always check with your virtual assistants to ensure they understand your instructions.

11. Put everything on record.

A written document stipulating your virtual assistants’ responsibilities, fees, deadlines, duration of the service agreement, and everything in between is SOP, even for outsourced staff.

12. Remember the time zone difference your country and the Philippines have.

This is especially useful for tasks with strict deadlines.

13. Communicate your personal preferences and work style.

Inform them about your management style and company standards so they know what to expect from you and how to perform their tasks best.

14. Make it easy for your virtual assistants to reach you.

Provide them with your contact details and hours you can be reached for updates and questions.

15. Remember that virtual assistants are not robots.

Talented virtual assistants from the Philippines need enough time to rest to perform their required tasks.

Follow these tips for a stress-free hiring process and working relationship with your virtual assistants from the Philippines.

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      15 Tips When Hiring Virtual Assistants From The Philippines

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