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Best Philippines Virtual Assistant Prices & Options

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on June 27, 2024

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These are the top 7 Companies that offer Philippines Virtual Assistant

The vibrant Philippine virtual assistant industry provides excellent assistance to various businesses worldwide. You can get general assistance like administrative support from this country or highly specialized skills like accounting.

Additionally, outsourcing is a smart move as you can get excellent support from skilled virtual staff. Not to mention at an affordable price.


Top 7 VA Agency Philippines that offers Virtual Assistance


1. Task Bullet

This company has offices in California, USA, and Manila, Philippines. They provide Filipino professionals to help businesses with administrative support, accounting, data entry, writing, and social media marketing tasks.

While they offer services in the US, Task Bullet also helps businesses hire Filipino VAs from the Philippines.

How to get their services:

  • Sign up
  • Pay for initial hours
  • Task Bullet will assign your very own VA Philippines

To hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines, they can send reports, check-ins, and transcripts based on your preferences.


Task Bullet offers a bucket system with a corresponding price. Their price ranges from $6.50 per hour to $11 per hour. It still depends on the level of expertise that you may require.


2. WoodBows

This is a US-based company that provides online virtual assistants in the Philippines. As well as employees from the USA and India.

Their Filipino virtual assistant is technically sound and can provide general administrative support.

They can help you find virtual assistants in the Philippines who are experienced in general admin tasks, web design, customer support, tech support, QA checks, bookkeeping, graphics design, and digital marketing.

When you hire Filipino virtual assistants from WoodBows, you can get an account manager to help you manage your VA Philippines. They can also work in your preferred time zones.

How to get their services:

  • Sign up for one of their trial or plans
  • Fill up the form stating your requirements
  • They will assign you a pre-screened with years of experience as a virtual assistant
  • After you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines<, the VA will work in a supervised environment


When you hire staff in the Philippines via WoodBows, their hourly rate starts from $8.99.


3. OVA Virtual

This VA agency in the Philippines offers staff who can act as your customer service representatives, administrative assistants, and HR officers. Even information technology experts and real estate virtual assistants in the Philippines.

OVA Virtual can help you find a virtual assistant in the Philippines that is right for your company. This is a reliable provider of skilled and full-time Filipino virtual assistant

How to get their services:

  • Sign up
  • Provide your required skill sets
  • They will match you up with a Filipino virtual assistant


OVA Virtual offers great pricing plans that start at $6 per hour, depending on the skill sets and experience you need. You also have the option to replace your VA if they don’t fit your company.


4. Magellan Solutions

This is a leading BPO company in the country that can help you find virtual assistants in the Philippines. They especially cater to startups, SMEs, and solopreneurs.
Besides general administrative support, you can get customer service agents, digital marketers, graphic designers, and HR recruitment staff.

Aside from this, you can hire Filipino VAs who are expert telemarketers and B2B appointment setters, among others.

Depending on your market niche and industry vertical, Magellan Solutions can help you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines. This is a company that has offices in the USA and Manila.

Their VA Philippines services various companies in the USA, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

How to get their services:

  • Drop your contact information here
  • MS Business Development Team will contact you further to discuss your requirements
  • They will provide a shortlist of Filipino virtual assistant that suits your needs
  • MS will assign your dedicated account manager to ensure your VA is working based on your needs and for QA check
  • They can provide you with time-tracking software to ensure everything is accounted for


Magellan Solutions is known for its flexible pricing options. Which Business Development Managers can walk you through to reach a favorable agreement.

The usual price to hire Filipino virtual assistants is $6 per hour. Again, this still depends on the skill sets that you need. As well as experience of your VA.


5. Virtual Coworker

This offshoring service can help you hire staff in the Philippines. They provide Filipino virtual assistants to businesses in Australia and the USA.

They can help you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines who is skilled in general assistance, bookkeeping, web and graphic design, recruitment, and tech support.

Here, you can choose part-time or full-time virtual assistants.

How to get their services:

  • Provide a brief about the responsibilities you want your VA to handle
  • This company will source, screen, and interview suitable candidates
  • Then, you can review the resumes of the best candidates along with their hourly rate
  • They can provide you with time tracker software to provide you with a daily summary


General virtual assistants start at $6 per hour, and highly skilled VAs begin at $14 per hour.


6. Pepper Virtual Assistant

This is a VA agency based in Manila, Philippines. They offer administrative assistance, web design and development, call centers, and internet marketing. You can choose between full-time and part-time dedicated VA in the Philippines.

They offer an initial five hours of free services. This is to let you know if they suit your needs.

How to get their services:

  • Sign up
  • Choose which plan suits your needs
  • Begin your free trial


Pepper VA ranges from $600 to $750 per month, depending on the skill level of the VA.


7. Outsourced

This is a company with employees in Australia and the Philippines. Their skilled virtual assistants specialize in web development, QA testing, and IT support. They can also connect you with a suitable virtual assistant that is exclusive to your niche.

They also offer tasks knowledgeable in payroll taxes, accounting, and real estate support.

How to get their services:

  • Provide the company with a job description
  • They search for someone in the company that suits your JD
  • The company organizes the payroll and paperwork about your virtual assistant


The hourly rate varies from $9 to $25 based on skill requirements.


Magellan Solutions Provides Philippines Virtual Assistant for SMEs, Solopreneurs

With 18 years in the business, we have gained incomparable industry experience and expertise to provide VA Philippines to clients worldwide continuously.

Our ISO-certified hiring and recruitment process enables us to identify the best Filipino virtual assistant you can access.

Even though they work independently solely for your benefit, we ensure our infrastructure and QA are here to let them provide excellent services for you.

We have ISO 27001 certification and HIPAA compliance. This is our badge of honor to assure you that we have the best data and information security protocol. Every bit of information is highly confidential to us.

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      Best Philippines Virtual Assistant Prices & Options

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