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The 3S of Top Content Moderation Agencies in 2024

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 7, 2024

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What are the Best Practices of Best or Top Content Moderation Agencies in 2024

Content moderation is crucial in maintaining a great brand and customer interaction. Small-to-business enterprises find an advantageous playing field in various online channels.

SMEs use websites and social media channels to further drive their marketing strategies. This enables a smooth distribution of information about your business to your customers and prospective buyers.

But this is not possible without content moderation strategies. For a business that uses social media channels, social content moderation is necessary. This is to make sure that the online community where your business is stays faithful to your brand voice.


How Does Social Content Moderation Work?

This is a process of monitoring and filtering content submitted to a business’ online channels. These channels could be Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube among others. It is never smart to hire a single content moderator for all these platforms.

Businesses across industries understand that social content moderation is an essential business strategy. A high-quality content moderation practice can ensure effective digital marketing. As well as branding and reputation management.

A business becomes capable of enforcing high content standards through online moderation services. When it comes to social media platforms, no one can control how users will interact with your brand.

This is a fact across any channel. That is why user-generated content moderation is a must. Using this strategy, you can protect your business community. Protection against harmful content meant to sow disarray. 

Also, this provides a sense of safety for your customers. Through this, you can filter out harassment content. Such cont-content offends your target consumers and stakeholders.


Best or Top Content Moderation Agencies in 2024

QY Research provided a list of key players when it comes to online moderation services. The content moderation market has two types: services and software & platform. Services accounted for 60% of the global content moderation market.

Factors Considered for this list:

  1. Government Policy
  2. Market Environment
  3. Historical Data
  4. Technological Innovations
  5. Future Technologies


  1. Social Media
  2. E-commerce Retailer

Social media is where online moderation services are widely used. It accounted for 70% of the global content moderation market.

Types of Social Content Moderation

1. Pre Moderation

Pre-moderation happens before content pushes through on your business social media pages. This could be a post submission of a customer. Which content moderation review and flags as appropriate or the opposite? This makes sure that all content posted won’t damage the brand’s image in any way possible.

2. Post Moderation

Post-moderation is better when it comes to speed. Customers or users can upload their content in real-time without waiting for the content moderator’s approval of the content submissions.

Filter happens once the content is visible. Which is the time the content moderator can review. It may be flagged as inappropriate or adherent to community standards. But the challenge is, others can see the offensive content before its removal.

This is the reason why content moderators must be present at all times. To ensure such offensive posts will not push through.

3. Reactive Moderation

Reactive moderation acts as a safety net for pre and post-moderation techniques. Also, it provides active participation from customers. As users can flag up content they deem abusive. 

It will alert the social media content moderation team once there is a reported post. Which they can review and remove as necessary.

4. Automated Moderation

The automated moderation technique uses Artificial Intelligence tools. It has an automatic conversational patterns ability. To determine which to accept or reject abusive content.

These moderation techniques comprise the arsenal of content moderation service providers. In addition to these steps, they also use tools for better moderation.

Characteristics of Social Moderation Tool

  1. Applicable to any content such as images, videos, blogs, reviews, testimonials, etc.
  2. Profanity Filter
  3. Profile Moderation
  4. Social Media Moderation

Top Content Moderation Agencies


Agency Services
Besedo Artificial Intelligence and human-driven services

Provides consultancy, quality assurance

Monitor fraud, de-duplication, image quality, cyberbullying, counterfeits, nudity, categorization, and illegal items

Automation tools and manual management services for managing user-generated submissions

LiveWorld Incorporates deep understanding of native culture and language

Multilingual services Magellan

Magellan Solutions Automated systems

Multilingual support

Provide reliable and rigid training for content moderation

Utilize human intellect for content scrutiny and website management

Lionbridge AI Uses the strength of human resources to filter inappropriate content on various digital channels

Ensures objectives and guidelines are consistently followed

Viafoura Offers Intelligent Auto-Moderation Engine tool meant to replace human moderation efforts
Cogito Monitors against negative content such as online threats, scammers, or hackers
Chekkee Offers Artificial Intelligence, automated system analysis, and quality assurance.

Real-time and tailor-made content moderation solutions

Reputable domain professionals

Best Practices of Social Content Moderation Your Business Can Utilize


Social media is now the go-to for any business to connect with customers and vice versa. Outsourcing online moderation services is a smart move that is applicable for SMEs. 

You can ensure your online presence is high quality. Without actually going through the hassle of reviewing tons of content. At the same time, brand reputation is intact all the while you focus on business development.

Social content moderation is a complicated practice. Your business must ensure a safe community, together with a smooth interaction of your brand with the consumers or users. 

At the same time enforce community standards. Not lax for harassment and borderline censorship to stifle free speech.

What are the 3S of these best or top content moderation agencies in 2024 share in common?

1. Speed

An ideal social media presence of your brand is where customers can interact in real time. When you say in real-time, this means your brand posts and customers’ posts appear immediately.

A dedicated user-generated content moderation staff can ensure that this is possible as they can secure immediate approval of user posts as they come in.

2. Security

Your outsourced social content moderation team or staff can ensure brand image protection. Also, your customers whenever they interact with your brand.

Content moderators can ensure your pre-determined community guidelines are set and followed. Guidelines that apply to your business and user-generated content.

This will make your business and brand messaging consistent on all channels. All the while making sure that user-generated content follows your community guidelines. This is a safety net that filters offensive content before your consumers see it.

3. Scale

Online moderation services are applicable across all industries and various languages. This means there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this service. Scale is not only talking about one platform at a time. This means your brand visibility is consistent across all social media channels.

Outsourced social content moderation services can help co-create practices tailored to your business. You can also determine the best coverage hours and language you need to moderate.


Trends to Look Out For In Content Moderation Services


A study foresees that the content moderation solutions market will reach 11.8 billion by the end of 2027. The location of Magellan Solutions, Asia Pacific, will garner a CAGR of 11%. 

Factors That Will Contribute To This Growth Forecast:

  1. A mix of tech and human in moderation
  2. Speed, security, and scale
  3. Focus on the regulatory environment
  4. Moderators need rigid training, re-training, and more re-training
  5. Focus on moderator mental health


In support of these trends, some key factors will also play a crucial role in this sector:

High Growth Factor

A huge forecast in the content moderation market opens more employment opportunities. Content moderation agencies will race to offer various services. Such as the rampant usage of AI and tailor-made software such as Utopia and Sightengine API. These tools enable customized filtering based on the brands or business preferences.  

Spam & Bots Free Platforms

There is a recent spike of spam and bots in various online channels. This overlaps with the security factor of online moderation services. As providers are getting more creative to reduce spam and bots. This ensures the protection of the client’s business platforms.

Acknowledgement of Mental Health Factors

Online content moderators do not simply filter content. They are the first line of defense and the first one subjected to harmful content. Their mental health and emotional labor are pivotal to this growth.


Dos and Don’ts of Social Content Moderation




Select the moderation method right for your needs Misinterpret what good content create
e clear rules and guidelines Wait too long to hire content moderators
Moderate all types of content Waste resources


What to Look for in a Content Moderation Services Outsourcing Provider

When you outsource content moderation services in the Philippines, you will have a lot of options. That is why it is up to you to comb through the BPO provider that will suit your requirements. For starters, it is important to consider the following:

1. Your chosen BPO provider must have the ability to scale and match up with your business. As it is integral for your partner to understand your needs, achieve them and work through your requirements.

2. While there is no fixed rate for this kind of service, it is important that what you are paying for is cost-effective and efficient.

3. It is important to partner with a third-party provider that aims to maintain a long-term relationship with you, not a short-term project. This means they aim to grow with your business.

4. Your chosen BPO partner must have a diverse talent pool where you can screen and choose which suits your needs. Someone that you think fits your corporate culture and understands what is needed.

Magellan Solutions Is Your Content Moderation Agency


Magellan Solutions provides stellar online moderation services to clients all over the world. We are 17 years in the business and can provide excellent content moderators to suit your needs. This ensures your business’ social media interaction with customers a bliss.

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      The 3S of Top Content Moderation Agencies in 2024

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