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5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your C Level Appointment Setting Provider

By M. Edosma

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Is your C Level Appointment Setting Provider not delivering the results you want? Perhaps it’s time to replace them.

Appointment setters assist a company’s sales team by making phone calls to potential customers and setting up appointments for them to talk with a salesperson.

However, some appointment setters do not even meet the minimum performance benchmark of their clients. While some deliver, the customer experience is terrible.

Furthermore, here are five signs you need to replace your C Level Appointment Setting services provider.

What is a C-Level Appointment Scheduler?

If someone wants to book an appointment with you, they should not be limited by your business hours. Using a seasoned outsourced call center will allow your customers to schedule appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without putting a strain on your internal staff.

Outsourcing appointment scheduling creates a dedicated external team that never closes, regardless of time zone, allowing customers to schedule appointments whenever it is most convenient. Even if you have a robust online scheduling system, many customers prefer to make phone appointments to get real-time answers to their questions.

Why Replace Your C-Level Appointment Scheduler?

Everyone aspires to reach the pinnacle of achievement.

For some companies, it means moving past AB-level decision-makers and engaging C-level executives in terms of appointment setting. CEO, CIO, CFO, and all the other enticing titles may help your firm expand faster if you use the appropriate language and cadence.

That is why it is essential to have the best appointment-setting services out there.

If you are experiencing these setbacks and issues with your C-Level Appointment Scheduler, perhaps it is time to ditch them for something new.

1. Agents cannot solve issues

Agents can solve problems faster if they can access a database with all the necessary information.

But they will, undoubtedly, face complex scenarios they will need to address quickly. In such situations, they must use their critical thinking, resourcefulness, and inventiveness.

The problem occurs when agents cannot solve issues without your assistance. This is a problem that your company will need to resolve in a short period. Or else high-level managers will turn their back on your brand.

Make it a point to ask about their Average Resolution Time the next time you meet with a call center partner.

Average Resolution is the time it takes for your call center’s support agents to resolve all open tickets within a given time. This metric lets you observe if agents can solve their issues on time.

2. They pressure your C-level customers too much

As an appointment setter, they need to use some traditional sales strategies to make the appointment.

They will have to exert some pressure due to this.

However, there is a limit to it. They do not need to exert too much pressure on the customer, or it will leave a wrong impression on them.

If you come on too hard and too early, the prospective manager may become irritated and dismiss your brand entirely.

To measure this, look no further than the BPO’s CSAT.

Customer satisfaction, often abbreviated as CSAT, measures how happy your customers are with the contact centers’ services.

BPOs ask customers to rate their agent, product, or service satisfaction. This typically comes as a survey communicated through some channel to the customer (direct mail, email, phone, etc).

3. There is no consistency

It’s one thing to deliver exceptional customer service on a one-time basis; it’s another to do it regularly.

Building a brand requires consistency.

According to the University of Nevada, a strong brand presence can be produced through careful and deliberate execution. Having a consistent brand message and tone also helps to develop trust.

To measure consistency, look at your BPO’s Net Promoter Score.

NPS measures both customer loyalty and customer experience. A consistently high NPS score means your call center partner can maintain high-quality service.

4. High-level managers wait too long

You may be asking questions like how to reach c level executives and how to convert them into sales. Well, the answer is simple: Respond immediately.

Your revenue relies on your customers. So please don’t keep them waiting long.

To check if your appointment-setting service provider keeps your customer satisfied, look at their First Response Time (FRT).

FRT is the time it takes to interact with your customers – whether they’re disgruntled or have a query – it’s essential to be responsive and resolve their issues as quickly as possible.

A low FRT is equal to inadequate and poor response.

5. Agents are not happy

Whatever business you work in, one thing is sure: call centers cannot provide a pleasant customer experience without suitable agents.

Hiring the appropriate personnel can make or break a call center, but it requires more than just looking over resumes during the hiring process. Leadership and management teams are responsible for maintaining morale and keeping agents happy after they are hired.

Employee dissatisfaction can have many consequences, from high turnover and low productivity to revenue loss and lousy customer service. You do not want that, of course.

So, partner with an appointment-setting service provider with a high attrition rate.

Some call centers provide their Agent Turnover Rate.

The agent turnover rate is a KPI that includes the percentage of agents who resigned to work elsewhere.

Customer happiness, call center scheduling, and staff morale are all impacted by agent turnover. Thus it should be included on a list of contact center KPIs to track over time.

If your call center partner is experiencing these issues, do not hesitate to switch to a reliable partner.

Winning C-Level Appointment Setting Tactics

Securing C-level meetings isn’t just about making more calls; it requires a strategic shift.  Here are the key tactics that will elevate your appointment-setting success:

  • Personalized Research is Paramount: C-level executives expect tailored outreach. Appointment setters must deeply understand their company, industry, and pain points.
  • Speak the C-Suite Language: Focus on strategic outcomes, ROI, mitigating risk, and solving major challenges, not just setting meetings.
  • Demonstrate Value Beyond Appointments: Highlight how the right provider will analyze prospects and deliver insights that drive better conversations, not just volume.
  • Multi-Channel Excellence: While phone calls are important, include how effective providers leverage email, LinkedIn, and other appropriate channels.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Appointment-Setting Processes

Most businesses want to close deals with potential customers. However, due to a lack of appointment-setting processes, it isn’t easy to establish a connection with customers.

A lack of appointments eliminates the possibility of further communication with leads. Furthermore, if no follow-up discussions are forthcoming from companies, it may lead to disappointment.

1. Opportunity to increase sales

Setting appointments allows businesses to increase sales by converting leads into paying customers. There are numerous ways to increase sales, but appointment setting is particularly effective because it provides salespeople with an exclusive opportunity to persuade their prospects.

Appointment setting allows company representatives to schedule time to speak with customers directly. Appointment setting gradually but steadily familiarizes leads with what businesses are marketing or promoting. These leads can understand what they’re getting into, and human interaction allows them to ask questions and clarify concerns.

2. Saves time and improves productivity

Companies that use outsourced appointment-setting services benefit from less time scheduling customer meetings.

Aside from having trained appointment setters on staff, outsourcing providers may also use software scheduling systems to streamline the process.

This allowed sales teams to focus on their assigned tasks of presenting to customers and closing deals. Concentrating on customer meetings will enable salespeople to improve their presentations without being distracted by other pending tasks for the day, such as appointment setting.

Companies can ensure daily productivity by outsourcing appointment-setting processes. While there are prospects to close deals with, the organization also has essential tasks.

3. Stay updated 24/7

Appointment-setting services will let you know when a new prospect sends you a message, makes a booking, or visits your website. That way, you can respond to special requests when you receive updates.

4. Speeds up Result

It could take months to find the right person if you do appointment setting internally. Your goal of expanding by selling may also be jeopardized, and it may take months to see results. Outsourcing expedites this process. It would also be much easier to see the results, mainly if your outsourcing partner provided accurate reports regularly.

There may be additional reasons that each company can share based on their own experiences. Some companies may still be doing this, while others have most likely discarded it. However, it is still essential to understand what appointment setting is and its importance to your company – whether it is large, small, medium-sized, or a start-up. It can make a significant difference in the success of your business.

5. CEO time is precious

Let’s face it: a CEO, they’re juggling a million things at once. Chasing down leads that go nowhere, playing phone tag with gatekeepers… it’s exhausting and a major drain on their time.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have those hours back to focus on actually closing deals and building strong client relationships? Partnering with Magellan Solutions can make that a reality.

6. Access specialized expertise

C-level executives aren’t your average prospects. They’re thinking about strategy, bottom-line impact, and solving those huge problems that keep them awake at night.

Our appointment setters get this. They’re not just dialing numbers; they’re doing their research, crafting pitches that resonate at the top levels, and finding those pathways through to the decision-makers. It’s a whole different ballgame, and we know how to play it.

7. Data-driven results

Look, we know you’re results-oriented.  We are too! That’s why we’re proud of our track record. We’ve helped companies like yours land those coveted C-level meetings, the ones that turn into game-changing deals.

Imagine the boost to your sales numbers when you’re consistently connecting with the right people. That’s what Magellan Solutions can deliver.

The Best C Appointment Setting Services Provider

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We are an ISO-certified company with 18+ years of experience in the industry. You can guarantee that behind everything we do is an extra focus on quality and protection.

Tired of underperforming appointment setting? Discover how Magellan Solutions delivers tailored C-level meetings that drive results. Contact us today!

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      5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your C Level Appointment Setting Provider

      M. Edosma

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