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7 Critical Factors That Affect Telemarketing Services Prices

By M. Edosma

Updated on January 22, 2024

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Ever wonder what factors affect the final Telemarketing Services Prices?

For small to midsize enterprises, every penny should count. That is why it is important that they know all of the things that affect the final pricing.

From the number of telemarketing agents to the years of experience, there are a lot of things that go into telemarketing prices.

In this article, we will look at the seven most critical factors that can affect telemarketing service prices.


7 Important Factors Affecting Telemarketing Services Prices 2021

It is not enough that you have the spending power to get a telemarketing service provider. You must also know if you are getting the worth of all of your dollars spent.

Here are seven telemarketing pricing components you should know:

  1. Number of Support Agents

The number of agents needed is just one component that goes into determining the cost of telemarketing outsourcing.

In large or small campaigns, the number of agents matters as it dictates how fast you can fill up your sales pipeline. 

Each company has distinct requirements and characteristics that influence the number of agents required to provide the best service to customers. 

Business process outsourcing (BPO) allows companies to maximize their potential. And to do that, you need people.


  1. Level of Experience

Another aspect that influences telemarketing service prices is the level of expertise and experience that agents must possess. 

In order to provide effective assistance to your consumers, agents must have the necessary skills. That is why it is imperative to consider whether your business objectives necessitate agents providing technical help in addition to just marketing and selling.

Skills such as technical support do not directly affect telemarketing, but it is essential if you plan to expand your market.

Additional skills usually impact overall pricing because agents in these scenarios need a technical background and/or require related experience in a certain industry.


  1. Types of Tools and Technologies

Telemarketing pricing includes the tools and technology required to launch a successful campaign. 

Some businesses already have the tools and infrastructure in place to take calls, create tickets, and resolve customer problems fast. But SMEs and other businesses rely on the contact center to offer the entire infrastructure.

The number and type of tools required to operate a campaign will have an impact on the total cost of service. 

Keep in mind that the best contact centers should be able to supply all of the technology required to conduct a successful campaign. While also being able to adapt to existing company procedures and infrastructures.


  1. Hours of Operation

If you are not aware yet, the most popular payment models of call centers are on a per-hour basis.

Operating in the same or comparable time zones as your clients is one of the advantages of contact center outsourcing. But that doesn’t mean that a different timezone is a disadvantage.

BPOs are handy if you need agents to be available outside of usual business hours. 

Determine how much service you’ll need. Assess if you need an agent early in the morning, late at night, or on weekends. 

In some countries, it is labor laws compel BPOs to pay agents a premium wage for working after-hour shifts, which can have a direct impact on pricing as well.


  1. Language Capabilities

It’s critical for agents to be able to communicate effectively with clients. 

Customers may become frustrated or misunderstood as a result of language problems. 

The cost of hiring multilingual agents is one component that influences the entire cost. It’s also an element that has the potential to influence total consumer satisfaction.


  1. Training Programs

What is the extent of your BPO training program? How efficient are they? 

Telemarketing agents who are well-trained are critical to a call center’s success, and without a good training program, they may struggle to adapt to your company’s needs.

Telemarketing services prices are affected by the quality of training needed by your employees. The more comprehensive it is the better. But it might cost you a few more dollars.


  1. Additional Services Offered

It is important to determine whether you want to provide customer service through channels other than the phone. Email, SMS, web chat, video chat, and other options are available at some contact centers. Other call center businesses have fewer options.

However, this will affect how your telemarketing companies will charge you.

Besides the channel, here are other add-on services you might need:

  • Campaign Setup and Building
  • Script Building
  • Telecoms Cost 
  • Recruitment
  • Porting
  • Dedicated operations teams
  • Auditing
  • Reports
  • Account Management
  • System Licenses Cost

Steps to Outsource Telemarketing in the Philippines

There are a lot of BPO companies to outsource in the Philippines alone. That is why it is important to do these necessary steps to ensure your outsourcing journey is a breeze.

1. List down your requirements

It is important that you have a clear list of your needs or requirements that an outsourcing company can provide for. This will help you send it to potential BPO partners. A tip would be to include requirements such as the number of agents that you need, working hours, a definite source of script, database, phone numbers, and of course, the goal for the telemarketing campaign.

Also, it is important that you have a defined metric of success to ensure operations and techniques are on par to meet your goals.

2. Specify the service that you need

As you know by now, BPO companies in the Philippines offer diverse BPO services worldwide. Thus, it is up to you to look and partner with a company that is an expert in the telemarketing field. This way, you will have an easier time shortlisting the BPO companies you want to partner with.

3. Conduct initial contact with BPO companies you want to partner

A simple search online will ping you millions of BPO companies to outsource from. Mostly has its own websites where you can leave your information for initial contact. Often you can set up a phone or video interview to further discuss the possible partnership.

4. Discuss your requirements

Initial discussion with your chosen telemarketing provider must have the necessary information you want them to fulfill. You can ask for basic information such as their employees, years in the business, how they train telemarketers, services they provide, costs, how they generate reports, and the frequency, as well as how they resolve problems that occur during a campaign.

5. Contact the telemarketing company’s previous clients

This is for you to cross-reference their reliability as a provider. You can ask for these clients’ assessment of your chosen provider. You can ask how satisfied they are with the service, how they do crisis management, and how successful was the campaign.

A good thing to ask is the best and worst qualities of the company so you can gauge how they will perform once you start with the campaign.

6. Test the telemarketers

It is starting to become an industry practice to provide free trials before you, and so is the telemarketing industry. You can avail of these offers to test how they will fare with your requirements. This will help you further assess their capabilities.

You can zoom in on the following factors such as hold times, how many buttons to push before you can reach the telemarketing agent, how well they converse, accent, call duration, and overall efficiency of the whole service.

7. Finalize the contract

Once you choose your telemarketing provider, you can further solidify it with a contract. You have to make sure that all agreements are explicitly stated to ensure both parties have a clear picture of what is required and the expectations.

It should include the following information such as costs, the duration period of the campaign, quality promises, service KPIs, guarantees, and problem-solving measures.


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      7 Critical Factors That Affect Telemarketing Services Prices

      M. Edosma

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