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Why Does Every Bank Need A Customer Service Call Center?

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on May 30, 2024

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As a bank, what’s your crucial strength for serving customers anytime, anywhere? A bank customer service call center offers the always-on assistance your account holders love.


Having a customer service call center is crucial for every bank because it dramatically impacts a customer’s loyalty decision. Studies show that 89% of consumers are more likely to become repeat customers after a positive customer service experience.


Call centers handle common questions so your branch teams can focus on more complex advisory needs. It allows easily scaled support across all channels with the help of outsourced skills. Building personal connections with customers through call agents and technology fosters loyalty and generates positive emotions.


Let’s explore how call centers make banking better for staff and customers! Let’s move forward to the specifics!


What do the numbers say?

Consistently optimizing the customer experience is crucial for banks, as it can lead to 3.2 times faster growth than competitors who neglect customer satisfaction.

Additionally, 50% of consumers will likely switch to a competitor after just one negative interaction. Neglecting customer satisfaction can put businesses at a disadvantage, as prioritizing customer experience can lead to significant growth for banks in particular.

Studies reveal banks need to meet what users want as other companies do. To impress and keep people, banks must match the quick, tailored, smooth online experiences from brands they love.

Banks historically had little personal service. Now, major tech companies and startups entering finance are changing things. Studies show that 72% of users want “high personalization” from money services. 77% of business leaders also know that deeper personalization means more loyal users and lower costs to attract them.



How Does a Bank Customer Service Call Center Assist Banks?

No one can deny the importance of customer service to the banking industry.

To maintain a steady cash flow, which is detrimental to their survival, banks have to ensure that they are catering to the needs of their customers.

Banks can expect a high customer churn rate if they fail to meet their customers’ needs, especially for routine tasks like bill payments and problem resolution.

How could banks prevent this?

Incorporating a bank customer service call center could be the solution. Explore how the banking world is changing with digital advancements.

A service-oriented call center can help in different ways. First, partnering with a quality customer service call center enables banks to improve their customer experience in several ways:

Faster Problem Resolution

Most call center companies have effective call queue management systems and phone answering services to decrease customers’ wait times before someone picks up their call.


Informed Answers

Call center agents underwent rigorous training that tested their foundation and product-specific skills and knowledge to ensure they could provide top-notch assistance to all bank callers.


Interpersonal Service

Excellent communication is essential to maintaining a customer’s loyalty because it breeds stronger relationships. Call centers can accommodate customers more personally, making them feel valued. Through this communication, banks can make customers realize they are right when they entrust their money to a financial institution.


Lower Cost

Call centers offer affordable customer service solutions to various businesses. It is an element that banks could take advantage of, especially when they are looking for ways to cut costs.


Promotion Of Other Products And Services

A customer service call center can help banks resolve customer issues and promote other products and services. Customers are more acquainted with alternatives they can use when banking. Through upselling and cross-selling, it teaches agents the cues to wait to use this strategy that would sound like a helpful offer to the caller.



Transforming Banking: Case Studies in Digital Evolution

Learn how top banks like Starling Bank and Nubank use 24/7 support and efficient customer service to grow and make customers happier.

Banks have usually been slow to go digital. However, a study from Deloitte shows that 84% of users now do online banking, with 72% using mobile apps to reach their central bank. Across ages and countries, people use digital more than branches or ATMs.

64% of users say their banking app doesn’t let them get answers fast when help’s needed – if it helps.

New mobile banks provide better service—Starling Bank credits 24/7 support as vital to their success.

“We have 24/7 customer help on chat channels and in our app,” says Starling’s Head of Service. “Customers must reach us anytime.”

The Brazilian finance tech company Nubank grows fast by keeping support simple and focused on users. It makes them hugely popular in Latin America. Nubank has email, chat, call, social media, and FAQ help.

“Our human touch kept customer ratings over 85 as we grew from 10,000 users to 10 million,” says Nubank’s VP of Operations.



The Power of a Bank Customer Service Call Center

Bank call centers boost loyalty and efficiency. Handling routine questions empowers branch staff to advise while ensuring users get quick, caring responses. The result? Seamless banking, where high-tech tools meet high-touch service.


Our experts create customized call support tailored to financial brands’ needs. We make banking better for institutions and users alike.


Do you need a bank customer service call center? Contact us now! Let’s discuss call center solutions that engage your customers.

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      Why Does Every Bank Need A Customer Service Call Center?

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