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Revolutionize Communication with a Virtual Call Assistant

By Lorraine O.

Updated on June 14, 2024

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Consumers today have higher expectations of the companies they do business with.

They want personalized interaction, faster response times, and seamless multichannel communications. These demands can be challenging for entrepreneurs running a small business.

But how will they cope? This is where a virtual call assistant comes into play.

In the business world, 2024 is still a customer-centric era. A virtual call assistant guarantees high-quality customer care, especially since 86% of customers don’t mind spending more on your products and services in exchange for better customer service.

If you’re still pondering whether hiring a virtual call assistant is a good decision, keep reading to learn how it can revolutionize communication between your business and your consumers.


What Can a Virtual Call Assistant Do For Your Business

Hiring virtual phone assistants goes beyond just lessening your workload. Recruiting them might help your business succeed in the long run. Below are some of the virtual call assistant benefits:


– Possible Business Expansion

Companies that use virtual call assistants to handle customer support may already be able to expand their services. VAs may handle many client inquiries, from simple information requests to more complex problem-solving.

This improved service capability not only meets the needs of existing clients but also attracts new ones searching for comprehensive and trustworthy assistance. It helps businesses to project an image of being industry leaders who can meet a wide range of client requests.


– Proactive Issue Resolution

Through the help of virtual call assistants, incoming calls are proactively attended to by a virtual call assistant (VA) who answers phones, ensuring that client concerns are addressed as soon as possible.

With their expertise, they can address various problems and provide accurate information and practical solutions.

This proactive approach decreases customer aggravation and prevents escalations, which leads to higher customer satisfaction rates. Through virtual calls, customer experience is enhanced, which may later on strengthen business-client relationships.


– Enhanced Brand Reputation

Having a virtual call assistant means that you have round-the-clock customer support. This could significantly improve the brand’s reputation as customers like accessibility and dependability.

Knowing that they can contact the business anytime builds trust and confidence.


– Geographical Expansion Opportunities

Companies may reach a broader geographic audience using virtual assistants for outbound calling. This skill allows businesses to reach a wide range of customers and expand into new areas.

Businesses may lessen their reliance on a single market by serving a wider range of services that may improve their revenue and strengthen their resilience to market volatility.


– Maximized Resource Utilization

Hiring a virtual assistant is a smart financial decision if you allocate your resources well. In addition to the lower salary-to-benefit ratio, businesses often save on additional office space and equipment-related expenses.

Due to its economic nature, excess resources may be allocated to areas directly impacting the company’s growth, such as developing new products and services.


– Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is non-negotiable to any business.

When customers receive a survey or feedback form regarding their experience, 90% would say that excellent customer service would mean getting immediate assistance.

This is where the help from a virtual call assistant is reliable. It guarantees quick answers by returning calls as soon as possible. The increased responsiveness has led to much happier customers and a better company perception.


Virtual Call Assistant Roles

You may think that a virtual call assistant’s daily tasks involve answering phone calls and resolving customers’ queries only. This may be the bulk of their duties and responsibilities, but the scope of what they do isn’t limited to customer service alone.

Here are some of the virtual call assistant roles that can be included in their job description.


1. Call Handling

Virtual call assistants help ease the burden of your workload by handling repetitive tasks such as phone calls.

As the first touch point of incoming calls, they must always maintain consistent customer service. This can be achieved by using uniform greetings and guided scripts.

They may handle hundreds of calls daily, but personalizing each helps set a professional tone.

For an efficient call handling, there are two ways to streamline the call management process:

  • Filter Calls. This is the initial sorting of incoming calls. They utilize Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Keyword Recognition, and Caller ID to determine the nature of the call.
  • Call Routing. Customers easily get frustrated when being transferred from one department to another. As soon as the customer calls in, there are predefined criteria about their concern, so they are directed to the concerned department to speed up problem resolution.


2. FAQ Assistance

Imagine spending the entire day responding to the same queries from several clients. It takes a lot of time. Virtual call assistants free up your time so you may focus on other crucial areas of the company.

Aside from self-service and AI-assisted FAQs, virtual call assistants ensure consistent and timely support. Knowledge bases sometimes don’t exactly provide the answers the customers are looking for, leading to frustration. Instead of staying longer on the website, they may look for another company to provide the needed services.


3. Customer Support

Virtual call assistants are indispensable to customer service since they provide helpful assistance and are always available. Being available round the clock allows users to receive support whenever needed.

While human agents can focus on more complex issues, these digital assistants effectively answer common client questions. Virtual call assistants contribute to resource efficiency and quicker response times by automating some customer care tasks.

In addition to enhancing the entire customer experience, this ensures consistent and trustworthy service. To deliver timely and effective customer care and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, virtual call agents are a great resource.


4. Surveys and Feedback

Surveys and feedback systems benefit greatly from the smooth integration of these mechanisms into the functionality of virtual call assistants. By including surveys during or after the call, they make it easier for organizations to obtain insightful data by enabling them to get feedback from customers.

This makes it easier to assess client satisfaction, pinpoint areas needing development, and customize services to cater to customer’s unique needs.


5. Appointment Scheduling

One of the most important tasks performed by virtual assistants is booking appointments, which greatly improves customer’s time management. These technological tools automate the process of creating appointments and reminders, simplifying scheduling management.

Customers not only avoid schedule conflicts but also save significant time by doing this. Virtual assistants’ additional feature of delivering timely reminders plays a major role in enhancing timeliness and overall schedule adherence.

In addition to lowering human labor costs, appointment scheduling automation increases output and promotes a more organized and effective way of managing commitments and appointments.


Virtual Call Assistant Cost

The price of employing a virtual assistant in the Philippines might vary based on various variables, including the kind of job they will be doing, how experienced they are, and how many hours they will work each week.

But as a general rule of thumb, the cost of a beginner virtual assistant in the Philippines might be between $3 and $5 per hour, while the cost of an experienced virtual assistant might be between $8 and $10 or more.

Even though virtual assistant costs in the Philippines could be less than in other countries, the caliber of work and professionalism are frequently on par with those costs.


Transforming Communication with Magellan Solutions’ Virtual Call Assistants

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      Revolutionize Communication with a Virtual Call Assistant

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