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Top 10 Best BPO for SMEs in Customer Service

By Edrin Hernandez

Updated on April 3, 2024

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Outsourcing Customer Service: The Smart Move for SMEs

So you’re a business owner, always on the edge trying to keep up with the competition. Sure, you know it’s the happy customers that matter, but doesn’t customer service management look like a time-consuming skydive into a pool with no bottom? 

That’s when the best BPO companies come to the rescue! They are surprisingly similar to your typical superhero, fighting your everyday hell for you so that you can easily conquer the world instead of surviving the day. 

But selecting the correct partnership is like picking your teammate: they’ll have to fit your pocket, your needs, and the scale of your future size. For small businesses, the best BPO partner is the cornerstone.

What to Look For in an SME Customer Service BPO

More than the surface, small and medium enterprises need a Business Process Outsourcing partner for customer services. That is, the right BPO partner is more than just an outsourced provider – it is a unique and adaptable business ally that can help your company develop and transform as it grows. Therefore, the following helps SMEs focus their search:

Pricing Models

Flexibility and Scalability: Research what BPOs offer flexible pricing models that adjust to your business’s size and the number of customer interactions. Adjusting can mean several processes, such as a pay-as-you-go model, a tiered model, or a customized package, allowing businesses to pay only for the services they use. This way, you will guarantee that outsourcing will save small and medium businesses money at any stage of business growth.

Transparency: It goes without saying that a BPO agency’s pricing model must be transparent and have no hidden costs. SMEs need to know precisely what processes they are paying for and how it will determine the charges clients need to cover next.

Specialized Customer Service Skills

Industry-specific Expertise: The right BPO for an SME is usually an outsourcing company well aware of the SME’s target industry or market niche. Such a vendor’s customer service reps would be able to grasp and resolve the industry specifics and matters, which would significantly improve the customer’s experience.

Training and Quality Assurance: You may also want to ask about the BPO’s staff training and quality assurance. Adequate training guarantees customer service representatives are aware of your specific peculiarities and needs, while quality assurance ensures a consistently high quality of service.

Flexibility and Scalability

Adaptability: Your choice of BPO should be able to adapt to your business’s needs with the changing circumstances. This implies the ability to adjust the levers of support up or down without taking too much time and bringing about disruptions.

Customization: You should check whether the BPO you are considering allows you to customize the service you require. In other words, the provider must allow customizing support to suit your business model, customer base, and product offering.

Technological Infrastructure

Advanced Customer Service Tools: The right BPO utilizes advanced customer service tools and platforms to offer service. This will include systems based on CRM, AI-driven chatbots, and live chat. This is a vital element as customers must get excellent service at all times. This must have the capability to offer each customer service in any channel.

Data Security and Compliance: In the context of growing worries about data privacy and security, one has to be certain that the BPO has strong protection systems to safeguard your customers’ information. It refers to compliance with international data protection laws and industry requirements.

Integration Capabilities: The firm’s technological backbone must be able to be interfaced with your operations. This is a guarantee that all information is transmitted effortlessly.

According to Henry Parungao, Business Development Manager at Magellan Solutions, selecting the right BPO partner goes beyond cost-effectiveness. It involves understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by SMEs in the outsourcing landscape. 

Parungao stresses the importance of building trust with SME clients. This is by avoiding over-promising and focusing on tailored solutions that address their evolving requirements. He also highlights the value of feedback and continuous improvement in fostering a strong BPO-client relationship.

Your Top 10 Best BPOs for SMEs (Customer Service)

1. Magellan Solutions

  • Location: Philippines
  • Specialties: Data Entry, Medical Coding and Billing, Customer Service
  • Why for SMEs?: Offers bespoke solutions tailored to small business needs, with a strong emphasis on personalized customer service and industry-specific expertise.

2. Concentrix

  • Location: Global Presence
  • Specialties: Technology, Automotive, Healthcare
  • Why for SMEs?: Known for its innovative approach and wide range of services, making it suitable for SMEs looking for growth and scalability in diverse sectors.

3. ManilaPros

  • Location: Philippines
  • Specialties: E-commerce, Tech Support, Customer Service
  • Why for SMEs?: Provides flexible, scalable solutions with a focus on high-quality customer service, ideal for SMEs targeting global markets.

4. Accenture

  • Location: Global Presence
  • Specialties: Multi-industry including Finance, Health, and Public Service
  • Why for SMEs?: Offers a vast array of services powered by the latest technologies, suitable for SMEs looking for a partner with global expertise and innovative solutions.

5. Sitel Philippines Inc.

  • Location: Philippines
  • Specialties: Banking, Insurance, Retail
  • Why for SMEs?: Delivers a comprehensive range of customer experience services with a strong focus on digital transformation and omnichannel support.

6. Teleperformance

  • Location: Global Presence
  • Specialties: Multi-industry
  • Why for SMEs?: Provides exceptional omnichannel customer support, leveraging global expertise to offer scalable solutions for SMEs.

7. Alorica

  • Location: Global Presence
  • Specialties: Health Care, Financial Services, Retail
  • Why for SMEs?: Specializes in customer relationship management and back-office support, offering scalable solutions that grow with your SME.

8. Telus International

  • Location: Global Presence
  • Specialties: Digital Solutions, IT, Customer Experience
  • Why for SMEs?: Focuses on digital innovation and customer experience solutions, perfect for SMEs aiming for digital transformation.


  • Location: Global Presence
  • Specialties: Customer Engagement, Sales Growth, Digital Transformation
  • Why for SMEs?: Offers end-to-end digital customer experience services, helping SMEs navigate the complexities of customer engagement and sales.

10. TaskUs

  • Location: Global Presence
  • Specialties: Digital Customer Experience, AI Operations, Content Security
  • Why for SMEs?: Renowned for its forward-thinking approach and commitment to delivering scalable digital services. This makes it ideal for SMEs focused on innovation and growth.

Additional Things to Consider

While moving on to the stage of shortlisting the BPO partners, it should be re-emphasized that the most attractive from the perspective of capabilities and price might present the worst fit for smooth cooperation. 

The presented perspective dimensions of selecting the BPO firm include more than just the volume of capabilities and affordability. They also imply such features as the geographic location of the BPO, its cultural compatibility, and the security of the contractual relationship. 

These should be sufficient to help screen out the least inappropriate options most effectively matched to the business needs. Here’s an expanded view of these considerations:


Time zone alignment: You should choose a BPO that either operates in your time zone or is close to it, such as one that continues to work while your regular employees are off-duty. 

This approach ensures your customer support is more available for your clientele. Most hypothetically, some urgent issues would be solved right away without the need to ask the customer to wait for the next working day due to the time difference.

Nearshore vs offshore: You should also decide what type of outsourcing is most suitable for you. Nearshore might be more advantageous for the convenient time of collaboration and the possibility of on-site visits to the partner’s facilities. However, offshore outsourcing is often cheaper than nearshore services.

Cultural Compatibility

Shared Values and Communication Styles: The BPO’s corporate culture and communication style are expected to align with your business’s values and style. This will ensure that the working relationship is a lot smoother, the objectives are easier to understand, and the partnership thrives.

Fred Chua, CEO of Magellan Solutions, underscores the importance of company culture and leadership alignment with organizational values when choosing a BPO partner.

According to Chua, maintaining a people-centric culture and prioritizing client relationships are paramount for sustainable growth. He also emphasizes the role of technological infrastructure and adaptability in meeting SMEs’ evolving needs, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

Customer Interaction Approach: A BPO’s way of engaging with your business’s customers should be in line with your brand’s culture and servant/leadership qualities. Go for a BPO that prioritizes customer service, carries out appropriate training of its agents, and ensures they speak for you, but the right way.

Contracts and SLAs

Transparency and Clarity: The contract and SLA should be clear regarding the services’ scope, performance levels, service levels, confidentiality commitments, and the nature of relationships. These elements help both parties understand the other’s requirements or responsibilities.

Flexibility and Scalability: Seek a contract that provides the flexibility for a vendor to increase or decrease services based on real-time demand. This feature is essential for small enterprises with seasonally defined customer service demand or on a growth tangent.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Ensure that the agreement provides for regular performance checks, reporting, and feedback. This feature ensures the quality of services and decision-making during the partnership based on performance data.

Find the Best BPO Partner Today!

Amid the complex jungle of customer service outsourcing, SMEs find an experienced and supportive guide in Magellan Solutions. For nearly two decades, Magellan Solutions has set itself apart by delivering bespoke, industry-tailored solutions that specifically address the needs of small and medium enterprises. 

By choosing Magellan Solutions, you choose a partner that ensures your continued growth, offering scalable, flexible service backed by cutting-edge technology. Seize the opportunity to reimagine your customer service from the ground up and supercharge your business trajectory. 

Contact us today to find out how we can elevate your operations and ensure your place at the forefront of your industry. Join the growing list of satisfied SMEs who haven’t just found a service provider but a partner in Magellan Solutions. 

Let’s redefine excellence in service provision together.


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      Top 10 Best BPO for SMEs in Customer Service

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