Why BPO Philippines Establishes The First Impression For The Hospitality Sector

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A Superb Customer Experience Always Starts With BPO Philippines

The hospitality industry must place a greater emphasis on customer service in order to provide customers with a wonderful experience. 

Customers can no longer be satisfied with good food and a comfortable bed because they have been exposed to the gold standard of customer service. They want much more. 

For this reason, more and more hospitality businesses are trying hard to provide excellent customer service to make their customers happy.

After all, according to companies that outsource to Philippines, customer service is what makes or breaks a brand.


Creating The Best Brand Impression Through Top BPO Companies in Philippines 2021

A brand’s image gives the company personality, relatability, and encourages brand loyalty. 

You can rely on BPO companies in the Philippines to help you create and maintain a healthy hospitality brand image.

Here at Magellan Solutions, we listed the main reasons why BPO companies in Metro Manila are ground zero for your brand image.

We Understand Why First Impressions Matter

In the hospitality industry, first impressions are everything. 

A good first impression is the catalyst to a lifetime relationship with a customer and creates brand loyalty that leads to repeat business. 

Meanwhile, a bad first impression can not only deter potential business from one customer. It will also inevitably spread like a virus through online reviews, social media, and word of mouth. Severely hurting your business.

In this industry, first impressions don’t start with a handshake. Rather they start with your reservation department or a call center. Specifically, your brand’s first impression begins with whoever is answering the phone. 

If that first call is already rude, unhelpful, incompetent, and does not exude professionalism, then your brand’s image could be in trouble.

We Don’t Want Bad News Traveling Quickly

An increasing number of customers in the hospitality industry are experiencing negative customer service experiences

Moreso, they are sharing them across social media platforms to voice out their frustrations. 

In the previous decade or two, a bad customer interaction would only reach a handful of people. Thus, the impact on your business is mostly insignificant.

That is far from the case today. People turn to reviews and base their next course of action on that.

A bad customer service representative, rude employee, or lazy worker spreads like wildfire on social media. Not only will a bad interaction discourage a customer from booking, but it could discourage potential future bookings as well. 

In turn, you will leave a lasting negative mark on your brand’s image. 

With the broad-reaching consequences of the information age, no industry can afford the negative repercussions of an underperforming business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines.

We Start with Training

A recent test of top hotel brands ’ call centers found that the majority of the employees fail to sufficiently convey their hotel’s best features.

  • Only 14% of tested call centers asked Discovery Questions.
  • A mere 7% adequately sold their hotel’s benefits.
  • Only 25% of call centers effectively described the hotel’s rooms.
  • Just 25% quoted more than one room category.

If your brand’s call center isn’t doing everything they can to sell rooms and bookings, they’re working against you by not fulfilling the potential of your brand’s image.

A call center must do more than fulfill the duties of your reservation department. They are, after all, the initial representative of your brand. In doing so, they become synonymous with your brand’s image in the eyes of your customers.

Your Local or In-house call centers Are Not Always the Answer

You’ve worked tirelessly to craft your brand’s identity and separate yourself from your competition. So don’t let your hotel’s call center hold you back. 

As previously mentioned, your call center represents your business. If you’re call center’s underperforming your business, then the perception of it will suffer.

Outsourcing your reservation department to BPO Manila Philippines will surely save you money temporarily, but ultimately it will cost you bookings.

Technology advancements have allowed thousands of businesses to outsource work overseas. Businesses that shifted their call centers overseas experienced a significant increase in the quality of their customer interactions.


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The extra budget allows the company to further concentrate on their main tasks. As a result, the company would see growth faster. 

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