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Why Do You Need to Outsource Customer Service Solutions to a BPO with Low Attrition Rate?
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Why Hire From Happy Customer Service Outsourcing Companies?

By Magellan Solutions

Updated on April 30, 2024

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Hiring Agents from Happy Customer Service Outsourcing Companies Will Bring Tremendous Advantages to Your Business

56.14% of customers expect to talk to friendly customer service agents whenever they call a business. With this, this must be a top priority for SMEs looking for customer service outsourcing companies.


It also indicates that honing your reps’ interpersonal skills is critical to winning customers’ trust.


That’s why at least 46% of CEOs agree that customer satisfaction rate is more important than getting a lot of revenue. 


The business owners figured that profit would come after establishing a solid client relationship.


With this in mind, let’s explore how outsourcing to a happy customer service firm can contribute to your company’s success:

Your AHT is not a problem if you have a friendly customer service

Average handling time (AHT) has been one of the most critical metrics in the call center industry. It shows how quickly your agent can resolve customers’ issues.


Many industries strictly implement a low AHT for their agents so they can answer as many calls as possible on their shifts. 


Besides, the average AHT for any call center should be at least 6 minutes. There’s a tendency that customers will get frustrated if you can’t provide answers to their questions immediately.


Still, 33% of consumers don’t mind staying on the phone longer if the customer service representative is friendly and can help them. 


Customers will appreciate agents doing everything to assist them in their inquiries. They can understand why they take so long to resolve it while on the phone.


Agents explaining the situation to customers can also alleviate it and calm them down.


Moreover, it is easier for clients to stay on the line when the agent has a positive outlook and is well-mannered.

A lower attrition rate is an essential investment in the future

The turnover rate has been a significant issue for many industries over the past few years. The current attrition rate in the call center industry is around 30% – 40%. 


This seems to be a concerning issue for businesses planning to outsource customer support services


However, when you check the segmented attrition, you can see where the problem is:


  • Small-sized call centers: 17%
  • Medium-sized call centers: 37%
  • Large-sized call centers: 44%


As you can see, small-sized call centers offer lower attrition rates than medium-sized and large-sized contact center providers.


These small-sized call centers usually offer their service to SMEs. They were so, taking your business to small call centers is better if you’re a start-up business planning to outsource.

Friendly Customer Service Reps = More Loyal Customers

Did you know that 73% of customers say that a friendly customer service rep is the main reason they stay loyal to a company?


Having friendly customer service is a result when the BPO company offers a happy environment for their agents. 


They can channel this positivity to the person they’re talking to over the phone. As a result, they will become your loyal customers.


These loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers you can acquire. You still need to win over these new customers to persuade them to buy your product.


Moreover, acquiring new customers can cost 5-10 times rather than selling to existing ones. 


So not only do you get more profit, but you can also save more when you have your consumers have a happy customer service experience.

A happy customer support team gives you flexibility when launching a new product. Launching a new product or service is hard if you’re not a trusted company. There will always be doubt whenever you’re taking risks in marketing it.


That’s why you must strengthen your customer service team before anything else. 


After all, a happy customer service experience significantly impacts your credibility. People will remember your brand more than companies with horrible customer service teams.


Indeed, 64% of consumers are likelier to try your new offerings if they think you have excellent customer service. 


Customers are 64% more likely to try a company’s new offering if they think it has excellent customer service.


 Knowing that you have an excellent after-sales service will eliminate all doubts in their mind.

How Can BPO Companies Make Their Outsourced Support Agents Stay Longer?

One thing to factor in when looking for a happy customer support outsourcing provider is their agents’ tenure ship. It is a testament to how well the company manages its people.


Here are some ways that make outsourced support agents stay in a BPO company:

Agents must have the autonomy to be resourceful when dealing with customers’ issue

62% of customers said that representatives’ knowledge and resourcefulness were deciding factors for a happy customer service experience.


Unfortunately, 86% of agents feel they lack the resources to solve customers’ problems effectively. 


They’ll get frustrated about how little they can help their customer. As a result, they leave the company to look for better opportunities.


It is why customer service outsourcing companies should allow their agents to be resourceful when resolving customers’ issues.


Call center firms can provide several sample scenarios to their agents and see how they can solve them. 


It is better than giving them a step-by-step template that will end up feeling like you’re caging their ideas.


Having the freedom to get involved in the decision-making process makes employees more assertive in their position in the company.

Providing the latest technology to do any task efficiently

Computer tools and software make the work faster and easier for call center agents. That’s why the BPO firm must update technologies all the time.


But, 60% of agents agree that their call center company doesn’t always have the necessary technology to address customers’ inquiries.


It is an alarming rate considering that cloud servers and AI technology are the future of the call center industry.


Now, having happy customer service also means the team has full support from the management. Investing in the best technology available for the agents can boost their morale.


As a result, they can provide happy resolutions to your customers, which can bring more profit for your company in the future.

Granting access to every data agent needs to resolve customers’ inquiry

60% of the time, agents fail to resolve customers’ issues during first contact due to an inability to access the correct data.


Customers can quickly get annoyed when their inquiries aren’t solved right away. So, they might lash out at your agents. 


As a result, it might create a very stressful environment for your customer service reps. They can channel this stress to other customers inquiring about other concerns.


That’s why some customer service outsourcing companies implement access to data when agents need it. However, some owners fear information leaks that might affect their company.


That’s why you must partner with a BPO company with different certifications from standardization bodies. 


It is proof that they passed strict measures to protect your privacy. 


Some BPO companies also have a rule where the team leader or manager can only access the information. They can forward this data to their agents once they request it.


This kind of system in information dissemination will make the work easier for your agents. 


The convenience will eventually pass on to your clients, giving them a positive customer service experience.


How Can Customer Care Outsourcing Companies Happily Engage With Their Clients?

More Data Means More Strategy to Plan Out

72% of businesses agree that they can use data analysis to improve their customer experience.


It is also what the customer service outsourcing companies are aiming for. They gathered several pieces of information in their database to further improve customer engagement.


Call center service providers will analyze this data using advanced analytical software. As a result, they can plan better strategies to resolve customers’ concerns. 


On top of that, they can determine how they make your customers happy so they can remember your business quickly.

There’s no room for any mistakes in their customer service

Research says it takes 12 positive customer experiences to compensate for one negative experience. 


However, you might not be able to do this as 80% of people will look for another company after they experience lousy customer service.


It is why many customer service outsourcing companies try to avoid as many mistakes as possible when dealing with customers’ concerns.


They will try to provide happy customer service even if they can’t solve consumers’ concerns. 


After all, 76% of customers also stated that they might give the company another try if they have an excellent customer service experience.

Why Do Companies Outsource Customer Service?

Customer service outsourcing is challenging, especially for a start-up company. 


However, you can easily find the best customer service provider if you know why you’re outsourcing.


One of the reasons SMEs outsource their customer service is to reduce their workforce fund.


When you partner with a call center service provider, you can save 70% to 90% in wage payouts. You can use this amount for other things like improving your product.


Another driving force for SMEs to outsource is to look for another avenue to expand their business. 


BPO companies have experience handling start-up companies like yours. So, they might give you some pointers on further upgrading your service.


Lastly, SMEs offshore their customer service as they know call center firms can handle their customers better.


This contact center company has a systematic approach to customer support. They will study your target consumers before putting people that will engage with them.


It ensures a better customer service experience and will make them happy after every call.

Magellan Solutions is the Best Outsourced Customer Service Centre for SMEs

According to a study, here are some characteristics of a company with happy customer service agents. Let’s compare what Magellan Solutions can offer to their business partners:



  • Staff earns recognition by having an excellent balance between job efficiency and customer satisfaction


Magellan Solutions provide several perks and awards to our agents who can give excellency with their work. 


We always prioritize employees that have a recommendation from our business partners. This way, we can motivate them to always aim for their best performance.


  • Management focuses on supporting their agents to take care of customer needs.


Program managers and team leaders are always ready to answer their agents’ questions. It is a great way to resolve customer issues by collaborating.


Magellan Solutions always make sure that every employee can have someone they can if they’re not familiar with the customer’s situation.


  • Organizations identify promotion and appraisal opportunities based on the agent’s performance level.


Magellan Solutions offer immediate promotions and salary raises if the agent proves themselves as valuable asset for the company.


This means all our promoted agents are well deserved for their job position. Besides that, we also have a strict recruitment team to ensure our clients’ high-quality new agents.


  • Training staff is a high priority, focusing on technical and interpersonal skills.


We provide staff coaching and skills development training to improve agents’ innate abilities. Of course, our trainers and quality assurance (QA) are knowledgeable when providing necessary information for new agents. 


We give our agents software tutorials as well as training on how to deal with different customers.


  • Participative management style for a BPO company


Our management committee is very particular regarding agents’ suggestions to improve the organization. 


We have monthly Townhall Meetings where our CEO will hear different concerns from agents. We also encourage everyone to voice their experience through a Dropbox or emailing the human resource department.


Besides these criteria, Magellan Solutions also provides many advantages to our employees to satisfy them with their current whereabouts.


Our Cultural Communication (CulComm) staff are working hard to make our agents happy. 


We launch several programs to engage with them, even if some are in a work-from-home setup.


The pandemic did not stop us; we’re doing company activities virtually. This proves how important it is to keep our employees happy.


As the old saying goes, “happy employees lead to happy customers.”

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      Why Hire From Happy Customer Service Outsourcing Companies?

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