Buying Time By Outsourcing Your Virtual Receptionist Services In The Philippines

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Chaos Management During A Pandemic: Virtual Receptionist Services

Virtual assistant perfectly resonates in a post-pandemic world. This is perfectly proven with our 263% growth in the past 2 years, and a big part of this is through our client referrals. 

From our perspective, our biggest product yet is none other than ‘time’. Through our 24 hour answering service outsourcing, we sell you more ‘time’ for other more important tasks that we know you want your in-house staff to focus on.


The Right Way To Buy Time

Once you’ve taken into consideration the following things below, you can already tame the chaos in your life amidst the pandemic. You can fully take advantage of the time you earn back by outsourcing.

But before buying time by outsourcing business partners, we advise you to note the following:

Take inventory.

It’s important to list down the processes happening in your business. This will help you decide what you can outsource. 

For example, you might find it more necessary to hire tech support than calendar management. This leads to you making sure that you hire virtual assistants trained as tech support. 

The cheapest option is not always really cheap in the long run.

Believe it or not, it’s almost always the wrong one. 

One of our agents has shared how so many clients come to her after two or three bad experiences hiring overseas or even domestically because they went with the cheapest option. The client felt burned out, hurt, and disappointed with the money and time they invested just so the cheaper options work.

Gut check.

If you think that you are fully ready to let go of the reins and trust someone to do the work, then it’s time to buy time. You don’t even have to worry about the training burdens because outsourcing automatically lets you hire a virtual receptionist who is well versed in your business.


How much does a virtual receptionist cost?

Numerous location-independent entrepreneurs have switched most of their business processes to using virtual receptionists. 

One can find an English-speaking virtual receptionist for as little as $5 an hour in some offshored companies. But that can end up complicating the process on several levels.

One of our current clients has worked with virtual receptionists in hopes that they help with her public relations and SEO business. According to her, she had a few different virtual receptionists she worked with for various types of projects. 

For instance, one receptionist is a systems expert who handles her email marketing setup. The receptionist charged $45 per hour. Although not as costly as she thought, she was aware that it would become expensive because she has others that she pays $20 per hour for less specialized work, like research.

She even outsourced the work to find virtual assistants. This led her to Magellan Solutions. We are a company that provides a matchmaking service for SMEs that want to find a qualified virtual assistant. 


Outsource according to skill and experience

SMEs considering to outsource their phone answering service need to think about business ethics in their hiring decision. If you’re thinking of hiring by nationality because you just want to pay substandard wages for your virtual help, we assure you that it will cause problems in the future.

SMEs, even large corporations, are seeking out to pay their virtual receptionists according to the value of their skills and experience instead of making nationality a  deciding factor. This is something Magellan Solutions have advocated for more than 18 years, and it’s really encouraging to see a marked shift in direction in our live answering services.

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