Call Center Pricing of Top Call Centers Revealed

Call Center Pricing of Top Call Centers Revealed

Call Center Pricing

Call Center Pricing


The idea of getting ripped off is a nightmare for everyone. Which is why it is important to have an estimated call center outsourcing cost comparison before dealing with third-party service providers.

Call center pricing includes the cost of labor, call volume, average handling time to name a few. Having your own in-house business process team means more expenses due to additional workforce, infrastructure and specific training for the labor needed.

A business that is planning to have their own in-house team needs an additional cost of 50%-70%. This additional cost is too much especially if you are just a start-up company.

Estimates show that BPO services can provide between 30%-50% cost savings for a company, depending on the outsourced call center pricing. It is the reason why many organizations are increasingly outsourcing various business processes such as procurement, logistics, and customer support to minimize operational costs and improve business efficiency. It also helps organizations increase their market share, expand their customer base, and enhance customer relationships.

Below are the estimated entry-level call center services pricing.


Inbound Customer Support: starts at $6/hour

Inbound customer support includes customer service, help or service desk, after hours answering service and other services that involve answering a message from a customer. It is your organization’s way to connect with your customer. With the rise of different channels for the customer to reach you, they are expecting to get flawless communication from your organization. For this reason, having inbound customer support is critical as it is one of the gauges of whether your customer will purchase your product or service again.


The average hourly rate of a customer service representative in an in-house inbound call center setup is $14.38. Imagine how much you can save by outsourcing your business services. Of course, not every BPO company has the same quality when it comes to the customer service aspect. You may refer to the call center pricing model for every region to have a comparison.


Telemarketing and Lead Gen: starts at $8/hour

Telemarketing and lead generation is crucial especially when you are planning to expand your operations. Searching for new potential customers can eat up all your precious time that you can use in other things concerning your business.

Having an in-house team that can expand your venture is a great asset. However, training them can cost you a lot of money. That is why outsourcing your telemarketing and lead generation team can give you a comfortable amount of budget adjustment and can save you a lot of effort in recruiting, hiring and training them.


Tech support: starts at $10/hour

Most BPO industries offer tech support for their clients. Technical support service helps users in solving some of the most encountered technical problems in a product, service, or subscription.

Having your own team for this kind of service is beneficial if you have a smaller number of customers. However, if you are trying to expand your business then outsourcing this service can be advantageous in the long run.

It is not practical to pay more tech support representatives for your in-house call center . The more your business grows, the more agents you need to pay for this service. There are tons of BPO companies that specialize in this kind of service at a half price.


Advanced Tech Support: starts at $14/ hour

Monitoring the website of your business 24/7 can consume a great deal of time which can be allotted for other productive tasks concerning your business. This scenario, among other vital tasks for your business development can be outsourced through BPO companies.


The average hourly rate for an in-house technical support representative is at $16.04 which is too expensive when you are planning to have 24/7 tech support. Third-party service providers can offer the same service for a more affordable price.


Different Call Center Pricing Per Service


Many factors are considered in call center prices. It includes the level of skills, type of work, location, and duration of the application. Here are some known pricing models for both inbound and outbound call services:


Inbound Call Center Services


  • Shared – These are the services in which the agents answer calls for one to three dozens of clients and the clients will pay on a per minute basis only for the time used. The rate is around $.35-$.45 per minute at low cost international agencies and $.75-$.90 per minute for providers in the US and Canada. This type of inbound call center pricing is perfect for large volume or low activities.


  • Dedicated – When a dedicated team of agents working exclusively handles calls for only one client, it is called ‘dedicated inbound’. It is fit for those with complicated applications or when the volume is predictable. It is priced on a per hour basis with rates ranging from $8-$15 internationally to $22-$28 in the US and Canada.


  • Monthly – Basically a portion of the Dedicated Inbound that is priced in a monthly rate. A lot of call centers around the world, aside from those in North America and Europe, offer this type of pricing.

Outbound Call Center Services


  • Hourly – This is considered as the common call center pricing structure for outbound telemarketing, especially for lead generation and appointment setting. Aside from the program size, difficulty, and contract length, the rates here vary with the location of the provider. Contact centers in India and Philippines normally charge starting from $6-$10 per hour. For those in Eastern Europe and Latin America, the rate starts from $9-$14 per hour. In Western countries, they normally charge $22-$32.


  • Pay Per Performance – Not the most ideal type for most outbound call centers. If you want a provider to agree and consider this call center pricing model, it is best for you to prepare your detailed report of your sales or appointment conversion rates, script or call guide, materials for training, and samples of calls recorded. Here, the amount of commission will depend on the situation and it should give the provider at least 10% to 20% premium for the additional risk to the outsourced call center.


  • Hourly + Pay Per Performance – One of the favorite contact center pricing models for sales programs. This combination of pricing structure is beneficial to both the client and the call center and is effective to maximize the performance. It enables the provider to earn a competitive compensation based on the performance of the outbound program.


Call Center Pricing per Country


One of the most considered variables that affect the cost of outsourcing is the location. If you are aware of call center outsourcing cost comparison, you must know that choosing a call center outsourcing company in the US or Europe versus India or Philippines will create a significant effect on the price and quality of the service.


Here’s to give you an idea of call center pricing comparison by geographic location:


Regions Hourly Rate
United States/Canada $22 – $35
Western Europe $40+
Eastern Europe $12 – $25
Australia $35 – $55
Africa/Middle East $15 – $20
Latin America $8 – $18
India $5 – $9
Pakistan $6 – $10
Asia/Philippines $8 – $14


USA, Europe, and Australia; Expensive Service, Above Average Quality


If you want a higher call center pricing with employees who have great communication skills, then you may want to outsource your business to either the USA, Europe or Australia. Outsourcing your business in these regions can make a great result on your service, especially if you are targeting customers who speak English.


Cultural difference is also not an issue if you are outsourcing in these regions especially when you are a US company outsourcing your business. In customer service, the work-force in these regions can give relatable insights on the customers making them more comfortable to deal with your company and most probably avail your service or purchase your product again.


The IT industry is also the specialization of some countries in these regions especially in Eastern Europe. Software engineers in Eastern Europe are at par with India in terms with quality of service.


Despite these advantages, the main reason you are here (reading this article about call center pricing) is to save more money and convert it to more profit. Tax systems in these regions are also complicated and can greatly affect your business in a negative way.


Asia and Africa; Economical but Average Service


If you want to save tons of money and still perform your daily tasks while doing more productive things, then outsourcing your business in Asia, Latin America or Africa is your best bet.


The call center pricing for these regions ranges between $5 – $20 depending on the service and country, this is far less compared to $12 – $40+ outsourced call center pricing for the USA, EU and AU regions.


The IT industry is also a strong point for most countries in these regions. India is at the top of countries with the best IT experts in the world and you can work with these people at a low price.


The tax regulations on these regions are also not complicated compared to western countries. Several countries in these regions passed laws that are favorable for the companies that are outsourcing their businesses to attract more foreign investment and generate more jobs.


However, compared to the quality of the service from western countries, tasks that involve human interaction are far inferior in these regions. Thick accent is the common issue when outsourcing in your business. The customer doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by talking to an employee with an inferior English-speaking skill.


There is also a big difference in terms of cultural relativity and the time zone can also affect the quality of the services these regions are offering.


The Philippines is the “middle ground” for these factors.


With affordable call center pricing rates, you can hire not just in one region, but several! This enables you to use the strengths of different call center markets to your advantage.


The Philippines offer tons of services that fit whatever your business needs — from customer service, data entry, sales and even IT. Filipino culture is very similar with western countries because of the rich history they have.


Accents are also not an issue because Filipinos have a neutral accent in English. The Philippines ranks second in countries with highest English proficiency in Asia.


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