MS Certificate Processing Campaign Sees Positive Year-By-Year Growth

MS Certificate Processing Campaign Sees Positive Year-By-Year Growth

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certificate processingFive years after entrusting its certificate processing job to the Manila-based BPO company Magellan Solutions, a service and compliance leader in SaaS-based Certificate of Insurance continue to experience positive year-by-year growth in terms of the total number of certificates processed each year.

“From the day we handled the project, the number of outputs has increased by 70 percent,” Alby Leyva, the senior team leader of the account, stated. He believes that being able to contribute to the business’ success is an accomplishment for their team.

Leyva’s team handles the back office part of their client’s business wherein they transfer insurance documents into a system designed for customers to keep track of their insurances and compliance.

“Accuracy is critical to the business because we process Liability Insurance Certificates. This ensures that errors are caught thru quality control and during the issuance of certificates.

In 2013, the team has processed around 40,000 certificates. Last year, it increased to 160,000+ certificates. This October, it already reached 140,000+ — two months before the year ended. The figures also surpass the target number by more than 100 percent.

certificate processing

To ensure that the team always meet the required goals, Leyva emphasized the importance of incentivizing the staff’s performance and making sure that their knowledge of the product is evolving.

“I think one of the factors is that we are able to provide realistic and cost-effective targets for our staffs,” Leyva added.

Justine Luarca, also a team leader for the account, added that communication is crucial.

“I report real-time if we don’t have any queues left so the client would be able to add more [certificates] to the queue.”

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