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Content Moderation for Social Media Marketing: A Business Essential

By Lorraine O.

Updated on June 3, 2024

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Should platforms remove hate speech, misinformation, and explicit content? Or do you prioritize freedom of speech above all else? With so much content shared online, filtering out inappropriate, harmful, or illegal material is essential, making content moderation in social media marketing challenging.


About 60% of social media users want more control over the posts they see on their feeds. This is where content moderation steps in. But how can you, as a business owner, use content moderation to your advantage? Content moderation addresses this challenge by protecting your brand’s reputation and creating a welcoming environment for your audience.


Discover how to implement fair and effective content moderation strategies that protect your brand’s reputation.


What is Social Media Content Moderation?


Content moderation is crucial for businesses using social media for marketing. It helps maintain a positive brand image and ensures the community remains engaged and receptive to marketing messages. Inappropriate user-generated content, such as spam, profanity, or offensive remarks, can alienate potential customers.


Effective moderation removes such content while allowing genuine conversations and user interactions that build trust and loyalty. It’s a balance between fostering an open forum and protecting the brand. Automated moderation tools assist, but human oversight is still required for nuanced judgments. Proper moderation makes social media an effective marketing channel by cultivating a safe, brand-appropriate environment.


Types of Social Media Moderation


There are a few main ways content moderation happens:


  • Pre-Moderation – This is when comments or posts have to be approved by a moderator before they go live on the platform or website. It’s like a security officer checking people at the door before letting them in.


  • Post-Moderation – This is the most common type of social media. Moderators review comments and posts after publication and remove anything that violates the rules.


  • Automated Moderation – Technology automatically blocks certain bad words, phrases, or other violating content from being posted. It’s like a filter catching and trapping specific unwanted things.


What Will Businesses Gain from Having Content Moderation?


Effective content moderation allows businesses to nurture online communities that reflect their core values and brand identity. As Fred Chua of Magellan Solutions explains, his company tailors solutions to each client’s unique needs through “full scoping of requirements, expectations, KPIs, and historical data.”


Similarly, a good social moderation strategy should be designed based on the company’s business goals, ethical standards, and audience expectations. Chua mentions that Magellan uses specialized approaches for different areas like customer service and technical support.


By using comprehensive content moderation to create online spaces that align with their core identity, businesses can achieve sustainable growth, build brand loyalty, and create long-term value while respecting user voices. An environment controlled through strong moderation shows the customer-focused approach that brands want internally.


Here are some key benefits of social media content moderation:


1. Improves user experience: By removing harmful, abusive, or inappropriate content, moderation creates a safer and more enjoyable environment for users, encouraging engagement and retention.


2. Protects brand reputation: Moderating content aligns with a platform’s values and guidelines, preventing association with controversial or offensive material that could damage the brand’s image.


3. Increases advertising appeal: Marketers are more likely to advertise on platforms with effective content moderation, as it provides a brand-safe environment for their ads.


4. Reduces legal risks: One of the debated topics regarding illegal content on social media platforms is to hold the platforms liable for misconduct by third parties, such as users posting objectionable comments, regardless of who originally posted the content. Through content moderation, platforms can avoid potential legal liabilities that violate laws or regulations, such as hate speech, copyright infringement, or illegal activities.


5. Fosters community trust: Consistent and fair content moderation helps build trust within the community, as users know that guidelines are enforced and their safety is prioritized.


6. Enables better content discovery: Moderation improves content discovery and user recommendations by removing low-quality, spammy, or irrelevant content.


7. Supports monetization: A well-moderated platform with engaged users and a positive brand image can attract more advertisers and generate higher revenue through monetization strategies.


Though challenging, effective social moderation is essential for social media platforms to maintain a healthy, engaging, and financially sustainable online community.


Building a Content Moderation Strategy


As you evolve your moderation tactics, industry expert Henry Parungao of Magellan Solutions emphasizes the importance of feedback, agility, and continuous improvement. Feedback should be welcomed and incorporated to refine processes. Agility and adaptability are key to addressing unique client needs across industries.


Parungao states, “Magellan focuses on understanding client needs and being adaptable rather than trailblazing new markets.” Similarly, your content moderation strategy should adapt to evolving community needs and content challenges, guided by experts’ successes and failures.


Transparency, responsiveness to feedback, and scalability to emerging trends can achieve a robust yet flexible moderation approach that balances user safety and expression.


Building a good content moderation plan involves several important things:


1. Decide if human moderators, automated systems, or a blend will review content. Weigh the pros and cons of each approach for accuracy and scalability. Human review is more accurate but limited in scale, while automation has wider coverage but may miss some aspects.


2. As the platform grows, plan how to scale moderation resources, such as hiring more human reviewers or upgrading automation tools to handle increased volume. A flexible, future-proofed process allows you to ramp up capabilities as user-generated content grows quickly.


3. Implement expedited processes to quickly identify and handle extremely high-risk content involving threats, illegality, or exploiting minors to prevent immediate harm. Establish clear criteria and bypass usual queues to prioritize this content for urgent action.


4. Allow users to report potentially violative content through an easy-to-use flagging system to assist moderation efforts. Utilize your user base as additional eyes, but validate reports before taking action.


5. Clearly explain content removal decisions to users and provide an appeals process for those who disagree with a moderation call. Transparency builds trust, and appeals allow mistakes to be corrected.


6. Implement metrics to measure moderation performance, evaluate effectiveness, and continuously optimize processes based on data insights. Track removals, appeals, response times, etc., to identify improvement areas.


7. Regularly revisit and update moderation policies and enforcement processes as new content issues emerge. Appoint policy oversight to evolve guidelines as cultural norms shift continuously.


8. Collaborate with legal teams, subject experts, and user communities for diverse input to improve fair, comprehensive moderation practices. People’s opinions vary, so it would help to get views from different perspectives.


9. Prioritize the well-being of human moderators exposed to disturbing content through counseling, exposure limits, and a supportive work environment. Provide psychological support and fair working conditions.


Following these guidelines, platforms can establish transparent, scalable, and robust content moderation practices that balance user safety with freedom of expression.


Taking Social Media Moderation a Step Further


While having clear rules, review processes, and resources for content moderation is essential, you can take it further:


  • Encourage Good Behavior: Don’t just remove the bad stuff; boost positive interactions. Respond to lovely comments, share great user content, and support meaningful conversations.


  • Be Open: Be open about your moderation rules. Clearly show your community guidelines so users can easily find and understand them.


  • Let Users Help: Give your audience a way to help keep the environment positive. Let them flag inappropriate content for your moderation team to review.


  • Actively Build Community: Host events, discussions, or competitions that unite positive community members around shared interests. This strengthens positive attitudes.


  • Keep Evolving: Regularly check in with your community and update moderation policies based on their feedback. An open dialogue helps moderation stay balanced and fair as things change.


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      Content Moderation for Social Media Marketing: A Business Essential

      Lorraine O.

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