Is US An Ideal Option For Financial Services Call Center Outsourcing?

Is US An Ideal Option For Financial Services Call Center Outsourcing?

Is US An Ideal Option For Financial Services Call Center Outsourcing

Is US An Ideal Option For Financial Services Call Center Outsourcing

The pros of an inbound contact center in the us

Outsourcing is often related to delegating tasks outside of local borders. But there are outsource call centers operating in the United States. They also offer amazing customer service at competitive pricing. US-based call centers are basically the same as offshored call centers. But what are the pros that you might want to consider before looking elsewhere?

It is true that US call centers are rarely the least expensive option. This is when they are being compared to foreign providers like India and the Philippines. But a lot of organizations find that they are worth every penny. Call centers in the US offer all the benefits of an in-house team of employees. Pretty much the same fundamentals for when you have an in-house team of your own. Furthermore, US-based agents protect the brand from the stigma often associated with outsourcing.

Around 3 million Americans are working as call center agents . They are like outsourcing to other countries. They are also providing outbound and inbound to any kind of industry. These agents are often also members of the target audience. Because of this, they are being put at an advantage. They can effectively provide the customer care they would hope to receive themselves.

What our banking outsourcing services can do 

Banks and financial institutions are positioning themselves for growth. They turn to offshore providers. They take advantage of the low cost yet high-quality services. Investment banks have offshored or outsourced over 50 percent of their financial services. Furthermore, they are planning to offshore highly complex responsibilities.

The Magellan Solutions team consists of practitioners with in-depth experience. They are being trained in risk-based, third-party management practices. Our employees will assist by providing the following tailored services:

  • Assessment of bank’s vendor management process
  • Design and development of target state operating model
  • Identification of business requirements for risk sensing and performance dashboards
  • Benchmarking
  • Third-party screening and assessments
  • Design and development of performance dashboards
  • Design and development of scorecard strategy
  • Design and development of cross-risk, third-party reporting
  • Contract compliance assessments and optimization
  • Ongoing consultation and support throughout the outsourcing life cycle
  • Analytics and visualization
  • Regulatory compliance

Magellan Solutions is the best customer service for financial services

Outsourcing is perfect for any organization struggling to carry out processes. Cost and time used to be the primary reason for outsourcing functions. Some of these include payroll or logistics. But a surge in technological innovation. As a result, it gave us a wide range of new opportunities and reasons. We can do more for you. Outsource bigger and more important treasury functions with us.

Magellan Solutions want to:

  • Improve operational performance
  • Vastly improve speed
  • Reduce operational risk 
  • Increase efficiency through better consolidating and centralizing functions

Do not force to keep everything in-house. You could typically end up developing a series of vertically integrated silos. This may result in extensive duplication and redundancy across businesses and markets. 

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