Best Choice? Philippines Accounting Outsourcing

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions About Best Choice? Philippine Accounting Outsourcing

A blog banner by Magellan Solutions About Best Choice? Philippine Accounting Outsourcing

Philippines Accounting Outsourcing Is Your Best Choice For Financial Services


Philippines accounting outsourcing companies diversify to meet global market demands. This ensures their stable market share in the worldwide BPO industry. As the world battles the pandemic, it also accelerated the digital shift.

According to Business Mirror, legal services and accounting firms increased their digital operations. Outsourcing is the core driver for this to be possible. Back office and customer service is the typical outsourced service in the Philippines.


Accounting Outsourcing Philippines: Serving Global Clients


COVID-19 changed the dynamics of the global trade landscape. Medium skills such as accounting would be more in-demand in the years to come. Accounting is among the mid-level skills that is marketable to global clients.

Accounting is a specialized and high labor task. But is not recognized much as a business’ core competency. This is because accounting for a business is part of its back office tasks. It contributes to keep the business running but not to its operations that gain ROI.

Thus it is among the back office operations that businesses choose to outsource. Accounting outsourcing enables you to have a certified accountant to manage your financial reports

An outsourced team who knows how to keep your books balanced as it should be. All these without your firm going through the hassle of recruitment. As well as using business assets like office resources.


Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing Services Philippines


Philippine BPO companies offer accounting outsourcing. Here you can expect to avail accounting services. Such as bookkeeping, payroll and corporate finance management

Cost Reduction

Accounting is a standardized practice. So it does not affect how your financial reports should reflect. Even if you outsourced an accountant. Another thing to factor in, in-house accountants or bookkeepers require a much higher salary grade. 

Their profession and education attainment requires it. An outsourced accountant from the Philippines can provide you the same competency. This is a cost effective move. You can get qualified accountants with experience and knowledge at a much affordable price.

Professional Parallels

Accounting principles in the Philippines based on United States law. This enables a clear grasp and understanding how to manage your financial records. Also accounting courses taught in universities in the country are in English. You will speak and understand the same accounting jargons as necessary.

Maximize Accounting Software

You are not only getting an accountant or staff for your financial management per se. Your chosen BPO company also uses the latest accounting software. This is because software like this offers a better leverage. 

BPO companies use this to provide better and faster service to your business. Your outsourced accounting staff is well-versed to use this software. Which your business will benefit.

Common Accounting Software For BPO Use:

  • Accounting by Wave
  • Intacct
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier
  • Xero
  • NetSuite
  • FreshBooks
  • Kashoo


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