How Telecom BPO Services Today Increases Productivity?

How Telecom BPO Services Today Increases Productivity?

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How Telecom BPO Services Maximizes Productivity?

How Telecom BPO Services Maximizes Productivity?

The telecom BPO services provide a lot of advantages to various industries. It allows them to be more flexible with their business. Besides that, using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) ensures future proof network communication.


Telecommunication is not a new mode of communication. It’s been around since the late 1800s. But, continuous innovation of the services allows them to survive the changes. It remains as one of the main tools of interaction between customers and businesses.


For starters, 96% of Americans own a cellphone. It demonstrates how important mobile devices are in consumers’ daily lives. They depend a lot on the android phone from paying bills to purchasing items. The data of consumers that you can gather here is enough to create a successful marketing plan.


With this in mind, how exactly telecom BPO services affect different business aspects? Both internal and customer-related operations? Let’s take a closer look.

Customer Service

We all know that customers are the core of every business. It doesn’t matter how good your marketing strategy is. Everything is pointless if you can’t make your customer satisfied. That is why it is important to have a customer support team. 


However, having an excellent team is just one thing. You also need to have a great system so that customers can connect with you. That is where VoIP can come in handy. VoIP makes your business more accessible. It is because of different channels they can contact you using the internet.


Having outstanding customer service can boost your profitability. Notably, there is an extra 5% chance that consumers will remember you due to good customer service. This can result in an increase of 25% up to 95% profitability.

Understanding Customers’ Behavioural Pattern Through Telecom Data

Telecom BPO services have a database where they store data gathered from their users. There are more than 56000 terabytes of data crossing the digital world everyday. This data includes their internet searches and interests. Having access to this information can give you an ample of idea where and how to advertise your product.


You can identify the purchasing pattern of your target consumers. In addition to that, you can plan a communication plan on how to approach your intended customers. It is a great way to introduce your product without forcing it on them.


On top of that, you can get an increased revenue of up to $15 million if you figure out what your customers need. This increase came from higher closure rates. You can also attribute it to more consumers due to faster sales cycles.

Telemarketing and Advertising

It is easier to create a telemarketing plan when you have data about your prospect clients. Telecom BPO services methods of advertising and marketing includes phone calls and social media. In today’s digital age, it is important to reach the 4.72 billion internet users. Especially if 46% of marketing budgets are for digital marketing.


There are several ways to reach the intended audience in digital marketing. Methods such as PPC and SEO will help businesses to market their product online. Of course it needs a reliable internet connection to execute these processes. That is where innovation in the internet like fiber optic and 5G connectivity is useful.


A better telecommunication system can result in a higher closure rate. Sales strategies can make or break your marketing campaign. That is why it is important to plan out your method before executing or else, you will experience a great loss financially speaking. 


For it to happen, you need an exceptional outsourcing team with a quality telecom system. This is critical especially 78% of decision makers who set up a meeting with a sales person came from email marketing and cold calling service. As you can see, the majority of possible sales you can close are still coming from an effective telecom campaign.

Modern Telecom Solutions for Modern Consumers

All Americans aged from 18 to 29 years old have cell phones. This goes to show how important to create up to date solutions that will fit the modern generation. Millennials prefer to interact using their smartphones as it is more convenient. On top of that, they can use that device anywhere.


Outsourcing telecom services also allows you to access global consumers. Some network service providers have limitations where you can only call people at certain locations. Whereas BPO companies have ways to connect with people outside your area. It is a great way to expand the target market for your product.

Remote Work Productivity

The COVID-19 taught us a lesson that you can work remotely and still produce quality output. Managers can provide their team access to VoIP services and file sharing tools. They can also use collaboration software to track their progress. These features mean employees can work on the go.


As a result, employees have higher job satisfaction that will lead to better productivity. Their mental focus and self-efficacy increase by about 10 percent because they can work comfortably in their home. This may not be possible without a solid internet service provider for the operations. 


They also said they had a better work-life balance because of shorter conference calls. Hence, they can focus on tasks on hand. Virtual meetings and videoconferencing allowed them to do business as usual. On top of that, it eased their transition to remote work. Their job satisfaction improved, too.


3 Ways Telecom Network Outsourcing Provides Better Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction involves making sure that they are emotionally satisfied towards your service. You can satisfy them emotionally by dealing with their issues upfront. 


Besides that, you should also fulfill their functional satisfaction. You can do it through better performance of the service. An accessible telecommunication process is one way to meet both their emotional and functional needs.


Here are 3 ways to improve the customer satisfaction using telecommunication outsourcing:


    1. Anticipate any upcoming problem and try to resolve them immediately. – Remember that the telecom industry had billions of data stored in their database. You can also determine any issues arising using this information. That way, you can plan out a solution right away before the customers notice the problem. There is a 34% decrease in complaints if you try to resolve issues prior.
    2. Provide Omnichannel Support. – Telephone  communication should not be the only way to reach your business. Having multiple platforms for your operations increases the level of customer service quality. Brands that have a strong omni channel platforms have 89% more customer retention and satisfaction than the brands that don’t.
    3. Practice First Call Resolution (FCR). – Whenever a customer is calling your business, it is important to try and resolve the issue immediately. Research from The Ascent Group shows that companies measuring their FCR have an increase in their performance by 30%. Top notch telecom outsourcing can definitely help using several tools like three-way calling. They can also contact parties involved while a customer is waiting on the other line.




How to Find a Reliable Outsource Telecom for SMEs?

Finding a trusted third-party service provider is not an easy task. You need to consider a lot of things other than affordable pricing. There are a lot of BPO telecom providers that offer inexpensive service with a compromised quality. Here are some pointers to consider when looking for an outsourcing partner:


  • Focused on the development of your business
  • Top notch security protocols
  • Omnichannel service
  • Can provide latest and updated software
  • Years of experience in the outsourcing industry
  • Customizable business model that will fit your operation


All these criteria are essential especially you will entrust with them all of your data. When looking for the best telecom BPO out there, you must check the Philippines call center.


Telco Call Center in the Philippines

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