For A Beverage Company, The Answer To ‘How To Build Brand Reputation’ Is Better Customer Service

For A Beverage Company, The Answer To ‘How To Build Brand Reputation’ Is Better Customer Service

how to build brand reputation

how to build brand reputation

“We live in a world where your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability,” a Forbes article stated. This is true as information is just a click away. Anybody can access the internet and write anything about you and your business. Now, the ultimate question is this: how to build brand reputation?

Brand reputation is pretty self-explanatory. It is how customers see your company, whether it is in the positive or negative light. Also, that view of the customer is from how you project the company to the public.

Of the hundreds of strategies available to strengthen the brand reputation, a Colorado-based beverage company chooses to outsource their customer service to Magellan Solutions. But in what way is customer service connected with brand reputation?

According to McKinsey, “70 percent of the customer’s journey is dictated by how the customer feels they are being treated.” This is why good customer service is important, especially in the food and beverage industry. A satisfied and happy customer will definitely give positive reviews to your company which, in turn, reflect on your online and offline brand reputation.

However, achieving good customer service is not as easy as you think. Many factors can influence its end-result. In this article, we will discuss how order taking service can build brand reputation.

Outsourcing Order Taking Process and Customer Service From Magellan Solutions

Answering “How To Build Brand Reputation” on your own will be hard, especially if you do not have expert employees. If your company cannot do the task, might as well outsource a reputable BPO company to get the job done. This is exactly what one of our clients — a beverage business that sells and offers premium bubble tea, blended beverage, coffee, and tea products — did. This particular brand wanted to improve their brand reputation and has chosen Magellan Solutions to do it.

The beverage company’s vision is to provide their customers with all the right tools, information, and service to help them connect with the company easier. They offer both wholesale and retail of their products. They also deal with franchising, which concerns many policies and laws that need to be followed. Because they dubbed their company as a “one-shop” source, it deals with the different type of transactions and engages with different types of individuals and companies.

The company decided to outsource because they need all the extra help they can get to achieve their vision. After discussing their goals with Magellan Solutions, they arrived at some shared goals. One of which was to improve customer service that will ultimately lead to a better brand reputation for the company.

After further discussion and status check of the Colorado-based company, Magellan Solutions came up with an answer to “How To Build Brand Reputation” and set its own target goals.

The Magellan Solutions team who dealt with the bubble tea company saw the needs for a better order taking process that will lessen customers’ problems. Since the two companies have a cause-and-effect relationship, the partnership resulted in an improved order taking process. In return, the company saw a decrease in the need to provide customer support. Fewer customers were complaining about the order defect rate, shipping problems, and product policy compliance.

After six months of using the order taking service of Magellan Solutions, the company has reached its target goas, as reflected in the customer service performance report.

The order defect rate, which consists of three metrics — negative feedback, guarantee claims, and chargeback claims — were all below the one percent-target rate. Chargeback claims have 0.02 percent, while A-Z guarantee claims in 0.14 percent and negative feedback only has 0.11 percent.

In the product policy compliance department, the authenticity complaint was zero, as well as the listing policy violations. Furthermore, in shipping performance rate, the late shipment rate was at zero percent or four percent lower than the target. Meanwhile, the pre-fulfillment rate is 0.17 percent, which decreased more than two percent after being handled by Magellan Solutions.

Improved Customer Service Solves The Question ‘How To Build Brand Reputation’

how to build brand reputation

The table above shows the improvement in the brand reputation of the beverage company after improving its order processing service. During its first month of operation, it had 86.30 percent of positive feedback with 10.96 percent negative feedback and 2.74 percent of neutral rating from customers. It improved after a year. The brand’s latest feedback was 92.68 percent positive, 5.07 percent negative and 2.25 percent neutral feedback.

The continuous increase in the positive feedback, as well as the decrease in the neutral and negative feedback of customers, clearly indicates that the brand reputation of the beverage company did increase.

The beverage company was satisfied with the customer service that Magellan Solutions provides; it achieved the target goal of both businesses. By acknowledging that they indeed needed a help from an outsourced company, the bubble tea company improved their overall performance.

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