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Inbound Services KPIs And The Problems They Solved

By Yelyna

Updated on June 3, 2024

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What Are Inbound Call Center Companies KPIs For?

Did you know that the first call center was established in 1965 by a newspaper company in the UK? Since then, the call center industry has evolved dramatically, thanks to the advances in technology, communication, and customer expectations. Today, call centers are not just about answering phone calls, but also providing omnichannel support, self-service options, and personalized experiences to customers across various industries and regions.


However, running a successful inbound call center is not a walk in the park. It requires careful planning, execution, and evaluation of various aspects, such as call volume, call quality, customer satisfaction, conversion rate, and more.


How can inbound call center managers measure and improve their performance and achieve their goals? The answer is KPIs.


Not yet verse with KPIs? Read on for an introduction to essential KPIs that you need to be aware of when outsourcing call center services!


10 KPIs To Watch Out For In Inbound Call Center Services


KPIs, or key performance indicators, are measurable values that indicate how well an inbound call center is performing in relation to its objectives. KPIs help inbound call center managers to monitor and analyze their operations, identify strengths and weaknesses, and implement strategies to optimize their results. KPIs also help inbound call center managers to communicate their progress and achievements to their clients, stakeholders, and employees.


There are way more than just 10 inbound marketing KPIs to track.  But, if you’re just getting started with the inbound methodology, these are some of the most important:


KPI What They Represent
1. Qualified Leads This KPI is the gold standard for distinguishing promising prospects from casual inquiries. It quantifies the number of leads that genuinely hold potential. Imagine you have a marketing campaign that generates a modest number of inbound calls, but a significant portion of these calls consists of highly qualified leads—individuals highly likely to convert into loyal customers. This KPI tells you that your campaign is on the right track.
2. Organic Traffic Organic traffic measures the number of visitors who find your website through search engines, without the aid of paid advertising. A surge in organic traffic indicates that your content resonates with your target audience. When your organic traffic soars, it’s a clear sign that your content marketing strategy is hitting the mark. Magellan Solutions specializes in enhancing your online visibility and ensuring you reach your ideal audience effectively.
3. Social Media Traffic This KPI focuses on the traffic directed to your website via social media platforms. By monitoring social media traffic, you gain insights into:

  • Which social channels are driving the most traffic and leads to your site.
  • The number of conversions originating from social media.
  • The proportion of website traffic originating from social media.

Moreover, Magellan Solutions helps you identify the social media channels that deliver the most qualified visitors. For instance, if Facebook consistently generates 15 new leads per month while Pinterest yields none, you can allocate more resources to your Facebook strategy.

4. Time-on-Site The average time visitors spend on your website speaks volumes about user engagement. A lengthy average time-on-site suggests that visitors are not only consuming your content but also delving deeper into your inbound customer service offerings. Conversely, a short time-on-site hints at the need for adjustments.

Magellan Solutions can assist by implementing changes such as new content offers, altering calls to action, and ensuring your content addresses the most pressing questions of your ideal buyers.

5. Time-on-Page This metric offers valuable insights, especially when you’re developing long-form content or pillar pages. It reveals which pages successfully retain readers’ attention and which may require optimization to sustain engagement.
6. Bounce Rate High bounce rates signify that visitors are quickly leaving the landing pages they initially landed on. This metric prompts a closer look at web design and content relevance.

Magellan Solutions steps in to fine-tune your inbound call services. If, for example, visitors are bouncing off a landing page, we recommend simplifying the required form fields. Should your home page exhibit a high bounce rate, we explore adjustments to your headers to enhance user experience.

7. Conversion Rate The conversion rate KPI evaluates the effectiveness of your campaign. It measures how many visitors interact with a particular element, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. Magellan Solutions uses this metric to gauge the success of your campaign, focusing on engaged leads rather than just the volume of interactions.
8. Customer Acquisition Cost CAC represents the cost of acquiring a new customer. For many companies, it’s more expensive to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one. A high CAC may signal inefficiencies in your marketing strategy. Magellan Solutions collaborates with you to refine your strategy, optimizing costs and ensuring that your efforts translate into valuable acquisitions.
9. Lifetime Value of A Customer Calculating the lifetime value of a customer provides a holistic view of a customer’s worth over time. It considers factors such as the average sales per customer, frequency of purchases, and customer retention. This KPI underscores the importance of nurturing leads even after an initial sale.
10. Return on investment ROI ROI measures the profitability of your marketing efforts. It assesses whether your investments are yielding returns. Magellan Solutions employs ROI as a crucial metric to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. This metric not only showcases the fruits of your labor but also helps identify areas that may require budget adjustments or strategic shifts.


Start Your Inbound Call Center Outsourcing With Magellan Solutions


Tracking these KPIs is essential for monitoring the performance of your inbound marketing strategy. While some businesses opt to track these metrics manually through their website management platforms, Magellan Solutions leverages analytics tools to efficiently identify trends, compare changes over time, and monitor overall performance.


If you’re eager to explore additional inbound marketing KPIs tailored to your specific goals or seek guidance on optimizing your inbound marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll help you chart a course toward inbound success and provide insights into the nuances of the inbound marketing methodology.



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      Inbound Services KPIs And The Problems They Solved


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